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Daily Winner stops to smell the roses $75k richer!

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Oz Lotteries has given away $75,000 to a Victorian woman as part of its free Daily Winners Membership Program. Helen C only signed up to the program on Tuesday and was surprised to hear she was the lucky winner. 

“Are you kidding me? Is this ridgy didge or what?” 

An Oz Lotteries customer of over 6 years, Helen had become aware of Oz Lotteries Daily Winners program but had no idea about the $75,000 end of month prize at the time of the call.

Helen thought it stopped at daily prizes and $2,500 on a Friday. 

“I don’t think this is real. I never win anything, I never win anything!” Helen said when the magnitude of the prize sunk in.

Put on the spot Helen said she will pay off a little bit of debt and joked about making a plan with her husband once he was safely home. 

“I will probably pay off a little bit of debt and I will discuss things with my husband, I think…. yeah I better do that, haven't I. 

I might actually wait until he gets home so he doesn’t drive off the side of the road.”

The Oz Lotteries Daily Winners program launched in September as a way to offer Oz Lotteries customers more free chances to win more often. With daily and monthly draws, the program gives away $500 everyday, $2,500 on Friday and has a major monthly draw each month. 

Since the commencement of the program Oz Lotteries has given away over $195,000 to 60 lucky winners.

November will offer another 35 chances to win including a $75,000 monthly draw that will be shared between three lucky winners. 

Daily Winner Members are also rewarded with discounts and special offers at over 150+ retailers including Woolworths, Kogan, Goodlife plus more. 

For a full list of the Daily Winners results.  

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