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Christmas came early for lucky Lotto winners!

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Christmas came early for some very lucky winners over the past couple of weeks, sharing in a grand total of: $3,177,274.19!

Wednesday Lotto winner!

On Thursday 7 December 2017 a man from Ipswich had received an unexpected phone call whilst he was hanging his clothes on the line. He was the sole winner of the guaranteed division one prize of $1 million in Wednesdays Gold Lotto draw 3719 on 6 December 2107.

The man had recently retired and was in such disbelief he asked the representative to double check his ticket.

“Good grief! That’s unbelievable!  Did you check it twice?  I don’t want to get a phone call this afternoon saying you’ve made a mistake!”

“I just can’t believe this! You’ve really made my day mate!” the man proclaimed.

The gentleman had explained that he had been playing lotto for many years and that his wife would always tell him that he never wins anything. The man had a more positive outlook and kept telling her that they should keep the dream alive and it will happen and now it has.

“I’m going to surprise her with the news,” he said.

“We’ve always dreamt of having a beach house – this is it!”

The man had purchased a 10 system 7 games online entry.

Super Jackpot Lucky Lotteries winner!

The second December winner was a New South Wales man from Lakesland who became $1,000,000 richer after winning the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10199 which was drawn on 11 December 2017. To top off his win he had also won an additional $1,000 in consolation prizes.  The regular lotto player had purchased his five consecutive numbers online and was in absolute shock and disbelief when he received the news, but also very grateful for the timing.

“It will help pay for a few bills, but I’ll be putting some way for myself don’t you worry! It’s going to be a good Christmas now!  I’ve been thinking about what we were going to do over Christmas, but this is really going to help! Merry Christmas! I’m going to have a good one!”

Saturday Gold Lotto winner!

Queensland once again seemed to be a lucky state for hardworking tradie dad in Noosaville. He celebrated an early Christmas and birthday all at once after winning Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3799 on Saturday 16 December 2017, where he gets to take home $976,274.19. Speaking to a representative the man was so over the moon about his surreal win and could not stop laughing.

“I’ve been putting these numbers in for more than 20 years.  Every Sunday morning’s ritual is to sit down and check my ticket.  We’ve been close a few times, but this time we’ve actually got it. Yesterday, I looked closer and thought ‘Jesus, we won!’.  Then I did a bit of run around the house and woke everyone! You often wonder if people win or not.  Now I know!  It’s just terrific! It was just my birthday and Christmas is here so it’s even better.  Birthday and Christmas rolled into one!”

The down-to-earth dad said that he looks forward to helping his family with his winnings.

Mega Jackpot Lucky Lotteries winner!

Another dad also celebrated a win this December after discovering that he had won the first prize in the latest Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw 1073 on 19 December 2017. The working dad from Wodonga in Victoria was driving down to the shops to do his Christmas shopping when he received the call.  “This freaks me out in a good way!  I’m gobsmacked!” he declared.

“I’m over the moon with this win!  It’s a beautiful sum of money! Christmas is a little bit hectic for everyone and there will be a couple of kids really happy with their Christmas presents I think! Making my kids happy makes me happy.  I’m really looking forward to buying something special for them.”

The lucky winner had walked away with $200,000 from his first prize win.

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