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What Are Your Chances Of Winning The Lotto?

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What are your real chances of winning lotto? Is it a pipe dream or could you just be one of the lucky ones who takes home the major prize? Winning the lottery is a dream for so many, but many don’t know the ins and outs of how to become a lottery winner. Here we will go through your odds of winning Powerball and lotto, so you know if you’re in with a real chance for the jackpot.

Which lottery game has the best odds of winning?

Winning the lotto is not entirely a game of chance, you need to consider which of the games gives you the best chances of a win and what the word ‘win’ really means to you. With 7 divisions of winnings to take from, the chances of winning lotto, even if the amount is on the lower end, are higher. Oz Lotto Div 7 gives you a 1 in 71 chance at winning at least the lowest division prize and Powerball Div 9 gives you a 1 in 66 chance. Of course, as you reach higher in the divisions and get to the bigger prize pools, the odds of winning lotto and Powerball begin to get a little more spaced out.

Of all the major lotteries you can play in Australia your chances of winning lotto are highest with Saturday Lotto, strictly statistically speaking, but the jackpot for Powerball is always much higher. The choice is yours. Will you opt to take your chances with a smaller jackpot, or will you risk it all for your chance at Powerball’s incredible jackpot which has reached as high as $150 million?

Do QuickPicks ever win the lottery?

A QuickPick is a lottery ticket where the numbers are selected by a random machine process. Relative to the amount of people who win the lottery, the choice between QuickPicks and using your own numbers gives you somewhat equal chances of winning lotto. The simple message that comes with these figures is that you have got to be in it to win it, so regardless of how you choose your numbers if you don’t have a ticket your chances will always be zero. The best chance you have at winning major prize money in the lotto comes from simply having more tickets. The more tickets you have, the better your odds of winning lotto are.  

What affects the odds of winning Powerball?

Though your odds of winning Powerball may not change when it comes to how many people are playing on that particular day, what does make a difference is how many people you have to share your prize money with. If you win Powerball on an occasion when fewer people are playing, then the prize money for whatever division you win will be split between fewer people, giving you a higher amount of winnings per division.

Most Aussies love the chance at winning the bigger prizes, which means there are more likely to be higher numbers of people playing the big jackpot Powerball games. The lesser-played Powerball’s will commonly fall around the holidays or over long weekends as people tend to be a little too busy to purchase their tickets at these particular times.

How do I increase my chances of winning lotto?

Apart from buying more tickets, there are a number of ways that you can increase your odds of winning lotto. Simple ways you can increase your chances of becoming a jackpot winner include:

  • Forming a lottery syndicate with friends or co-workers. You can always combine your luck with friends using Lotto Party.
  • Playing the less popular games which often have higher odds.
  • Keeping an eye on the draws for each game and trying to use less predictable numbers.
  • Not playing birthday numbers only as this can limit you to only numbers between 1 and 31.

Ultimately winning the lottery is a game of luck, but with these simple tips, you may find that your numbers are starting to come up more and more. Many past lottery winners have been serial players of their chosen games, so the message from them is to keep on playing for the best chances of winning lotto. Whether it’s just a weekly QuickPick that you indulge yourself in or if you are part of a larger lottery syndicate where you have access to more numbers on a more frequent basis, however you play, you are improving your odds of winning lotto.

Set yourself up with a secure online account today and give yourself the best odds of winning Powerball and lotto when you purchase your ticket.  

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