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Can You Win Lotto Twice?

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Most people would say, once they have won lotto they’ll never play again, choosing to take their win and ‘retire’ from the game.

The chances of winning twice is rare – much rarer than being struck by lightning or finding a field full of 4 leaf clovers.

But there are some people who choose to continue playing lotto after their win. In July 2013 a couple from Scunthorpe in the United Kingdom won just over 1 million pounds. Two years later the couple were still lotto players and they won a second time – again more than 1 million pounds!

In 2016 a Cairns woman accidentally bought 2 tickets in the same draw, resulting in a win of $674,000 per ticket – a total haul of $1,348,000. Her first phone call was to her sister to ask her to double check the numbers for her. The lady felt it was fate. “I picked those winning numbers because they mean something special to me.” It wasn’t until after the phone call that she realised she had purchased 2 tickets! ”It was a mistake that has led to a big reward!”

In Chicago a man called Christopher Kaelin bought a scratch ticket when filling his car with petrol. Upon scratching the ticket he thought he had won $25,000. However after showing his wife she discounted he had overlooked a zero, and he had actually won $250,000!

Christopher must have believed he was on a lucky streak, as he purchased a ticket at the same gas station when he next filled up with petrol. Lo and behold he won $1000 this time! Perhaps knowing good things happen in threes, he bought a lot of tickets a week later at the same petrol station. Can you guess what happened? He won again – this time $25,000.

In Virginia, USA a couple from the city of Portsmouth had a streak of luck playing lotto. Within a 4 week period they won $1 million dollars, then $50,000 plus another $1,000,00 weeks later!

Sailing lotto winner prepares to retire to the islands off Tunisia

Mike McDermott from Hampshire in England had lightning strike twice. His 5 lotto numbers plus the bonus ball came up and he won 194,501 pounds. Mike continued to play these same numbers, which are made up of birthdays and dates have special memories for him, out of habit than any real hope of winning again. He was shocked to find they had again being drawn – a 5 numbers and the bonus ball, for a prize of 121,157 pounds. The odds of his first win was 1 in over 2 million. For the second win, the odds were over one to 5,400,000,000,000. Count those zeros! Mr McDermott celebrating aboard a yacht near Portsmouth and said to reporters “We really can’t believe our incredible luck. We thought winning twice with the same numbers would be impossible but, obviously it can really happen.” He said “I now believe that anything is possible.” The couple planned to retire to the warmer shores of Kerkenah, an island off Tunisia.

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