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The Biggest Oz Lotteries Division 1 Winners in 2016

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Doubting that you can win big playing lotto online? Our major Oz Lotteries winners beg to differ! In 2016, Oz Lotteries members have won over $52 million in prizes in Division 1. Plus, many more millions awarded in minor divisions. For two extraordinarily lucky lotto players, 2016 has been the luckiest year of their lives. Their Oz Lotteries tickets turned them into multi-millionaires!

Oz Lotto Winner

In August, $20,000,000 in prize money went to a country builder in his thirties from a tiny town near Glen Innes. The man purchased just a 3-game Standard ticket online from Oz Lotteries. Incredibly, he was one of two Division 1 winners in the massive $40,000,000 Oz Lotto draw.

Our winner was unaware that he was Australia’s newest multi-millionaire. That is until our CEO contacted him personally to break the news the day after the draw. “I thought he was having a go!” he said in disbelief. He described how he checked his Oz Lotteries account online and “saw all those zeroes…. that’s when I started to shake!” Our winner said he had never won anything close to this amount of money before. “The best thing I’ve ever won was a meat tray at the pub!”

The Oz Lotto winner had set up an AutoPlay ticket to ensure he never missed a draw. “I did think the odds were a bit better, because you don’t have to remember to go to the shop and buy the ticket every week,” he explained, adding that he loved the convenience of our AutoPlay feature. “I just keep playing the same numbers on three different lines. How’s that for a strategy!” he said happily.

Powerball Thursday Winner

Meanwhile, in February, a woman who hailed from West Footscray in Melbourne scooped the entire $25,000,000 Powerball jackpot with an 18-game Standard ticket, purchased on the Oz Lotteries app. On the night of the draw, she checked her numbers online and realised with a shock that she had matched all six winning numbers plus the all-important Powerball.

In a strange coincidence, our $25,000,000 Powerball winner had recently told a family member that she had a feeling she was finally going to win lotto in 2016. Her hunch was accurate! When our CEO contacted her to confirm the life-changing news, she said she was “super excited” that her unusual ticket purchase had paid off.

She said she had been a regular player since joining Oz Lotteries in 2012, but usually played 10-game tickets. When setting up her ticket in the Oz Lotteries app, she realised she had selected the default number of 18 games, but decided to play the extra 8 games this time for the $25,000,00 Powerball draw. It was a fantastic stroke of luck that the 17th game was the one that matched all 7 numbers, including the Powerball, and hit the jackpot!

Why choose Oz Lotteries?

All major Oz Lotteries winners are contacted personally by our CEO to congratulate them on becoming a major lotto winner. The winnings are kept secure in the winners’ online Oz Lotteries account while the usual identification checks are completed. We advise our Division 1 winners to speak to their bank managers to let them know their bank account will soon be receiving a very large deposit!

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