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20 of the Best Romantic Getaways in the World

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The best romantic getaways are the ones filled with intimacy, relaxation and quality time together. Whether for a honeymoon, anniversary or a couple’s trip, there are some places in the world that have been hailed as lovers’ paradise. The choice is yours! With the upcoming $20 Million February Superdraw on Saturday 15th February, you can make your dream holiday a reality. Where would you go if you won $20,000,000 this February Superdraw?

The Seychelles beach with sunset.

The Seychelles

Nothing is quite as romantic as lush rainforests, white-sand beaches, and spectacular sunsets. Plus, some of the world’s most exclusive resorts are dotted around these islands of the Indian Ocean. It’s no surprise that Seychelles are known as the top wedding and honeymoon destination. Essentially, it’s a paradise!

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

On the other side of the world, Swedish Lapland offers something completely different to a tropical getaway. Constructed fresh each winter, the Ice Hotel seems like something that came out of a fairytale. Certainly, one of the most unusual places in the world to spend the night! Also, it’s an amazing spot to observe the mesmerising Northern Lights.

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The Lake District, UK

England’s highest mountains and green countryside creates Britain’s finest scenery. It’s a winning combination for those looking for romance. This is the place for long walks, stunning villages, and breathtaking views. Plus, great pubs serving some of the country’s best ale!

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

It’s a town that will capture your heart. It’s inspired everyone from Goethe to Disraeli. Just like a German fairytale, it’s got charm and character. In fact, it’s complete with a medieval castle and “gingerbread” houses! Spend your days relaxing, dining and people-watching.

Venice, Italy

Fascinating architecture and narrow passageways give Venice it’s unique charm. It’s a perfect hideaway for lovers, with gondola rides on the canals, and historical sites. Take in the romance of northern Italian cuisine. Then have a moonlight wander through Piazza San Marco. The place to declare your love!

Lord Howe Island, Australia

As remote as it gets, Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage-listed paradise. Plus, it’s just a two-hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane. Dramatic landscapes, ocean views, and the world’s southernmost coral reef stun travellers. Mix that with spectacular world-class retreats and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate luxury and romance.

Grand Bazaar - Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

With one foot in Europe and the other in the Middle East, Istanbul has fascinated travellers for centuries. It boasts historical marvels from Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques. There’s the grand bazaars, superb food, and contemporary nightlife. Istanbul is a mosaic of sounds, tastes, and smells, which are sure to sweep you off your feet.

Rajasthan, India

The magnificent Rajasthan, the Land of Kings, is India at its most exotic. Perhaps you’re after heritage sites, luxurious hotels, or the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Whatever you desire, there’s endless romantic experiences to be had here. Be enchanted by a camel-back ride across the sands. You could even spend the night in a luxury tented camp, under the star-filled desert sky.

Kyoto, Japan

Renowned as Japan’s cultural heart with refined cuisine. Of course, there’s also the abundance of the cherry-blossom trees, best seen in full bloom in spring time. The city is filled with peaceful tranquillity. Feel it resonating through the ancient Buddhist temples, gardens, and mountains. Traditional Japanese hospitality and lavish amenities of luxury hotels can make your romantic getaway truly one to remember.

February Superdraw - Greek Islands

The Greek Islands

Your love affair with the Mediterranean begins as soon as you set foot on the isles of the Ionian Sea. Firstly, experience the irresistible combination of sandy beaches and sunset views. Then marvel at the rich history, friendly locals, and traditional tavernas. Enjoy a swim in the sea at dusk, seafood fresh off the boat, and homemade olives. Finally, relax with some wine under the stars.


Fiji seems to effortlessly cater for any traveller’s taste. This South Pacific nation of 333 islands has endless crystal waters, sunny shores, and pristine beaches. Meanwhile, for those searching for the height of luxury you can stay in an underwater suite at the 5-star Poseidon Undersea Resort. If you won February Superdraw, you could even book your own private island!

Hawaii, United States

Visit the hustle and bustle of tourist heaven Honolulu, or the hideaway intimacy of the Kauai. Hawaii offers a variety of luxuries that make your romantic holiday complete. From awe-inspiring ocean-views to secluded beaches, helicopter rides to a private picnic beachfront spot. Or get your hearts beating with a zip-line tour through the rainforest jungle to a swimming hole complete with a waterfall.

February Superdraw - Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef

Hamilton Island, Australia

Located on the southern edge of the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island is stunning. It’s surrounds are sapphire-blue waters, magnificent beaches, and endless romantic opportunities. Head off on sunset cruises, private island picnics, and scenic flights over the Heart Reef. Hamilton Island makes a truly special escape.

Ushuaia, Argentina

Travel to the end of the world, literally! Visiting the southernmost town in the world evokes the romance of adventure. The rugged landscape is full of natural wonder. Firstly, the snow-capped Martial Range. Perhaps you would rather marvel at whales, penguins and elephant seals. Or venture out for hiking, sailing, and even scuba diving.

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Tahiti, French Polynesia

The picture-perfect island destination! The tiny islands feature turquoise lagoons and pristine beaches. It’s an idyllic landscape for two. Discover the romance of the overwater bungalow. Even more, it’s complemented by leisurely days of swimming, sunbathing, and gazing out at the endless ocean views. All at some of the world’s best resorts. Classic!

Bali, Indonesia

A romantic island paradise with cloud-topped volcanoes, rice fields, and lush tropical forests. Bali is an enchanting experience. Dine barefoot on the beach, relax with a traditional massage amidst the rainforest of Ubud. Perhaps visit a mystical temple of Tahah Lot.

Couple in front of Eiffel Tower, France

Paris, France

It’s such a cliché to call Paris romantic, but it has indeed been known as the City of Lovers for centuries. It is best explored on foot, discovering not just obvious landmarks. Meanwhile, don’t forget the quieter charms like the river Seine and its’ bridges, outdoor cafes, and the tucked-away streets. Maybe even toast the sunset from atop Shangri-La Hotel, the best view of the Eiffel Tower.

Koh Tao, Thailand

One of the hundreds of dozens of tiny islands in Thailand, Koh Tao offers some of the world’s best scuba diving. Plus, tropical island seclusion. Perfect for couples! Koh Tao has everything that makes a classic tropical island getaway. Enjoy stunning coral gardens, lantern-lit sea-side restaurants, and the freshest local seafood.

Fez, Morocco

This city will take you back in time! Marvel at medieval streets, centuries’ old architecture, traditional markets, and culture. The city offers a wealth of incredible sounds, sights, and smells. Many don’t associate Morocco with a snow holiday. But the region surrounding Fez is also known for its ski slopes, and spectacular mountain views!

Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

One of Africa’s drawcards, Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest peak on the continent. The national park offers incredible safari viewing. The best way to experience the destination is from one of the park’s luxurious and stylish tent camps. Many of these will enable you to spot giraffes and elephants without leaving your terrace!

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