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$8 Million Powerball Ballarat Winner Will Retire

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Travel on the cards for Powerball winner

“What will I do with my Powerball win?… Well… I’ve never been overseas so it feels like the world has opened up a bit for me now!”

After working “freaking hard” his entire life, a Ballarat man can now retire and go on his first overseas holiday with his children. With $8 million in his pocket, it will be the trip of a lifetime!

“My kids have been nagging me to go on holidays overseas with them for months now. I had been putting some money away. But now I’ll be able to say to them ‘don’t worry about saving for your holiday. We can all go and it’s on me!’ We might even go first class!”

He was the sole winner of the $8,000,000 Powerball draw and he simply couldn’t believe the news when lottery officials contacted him at work.

“Whoa! Seriously? I’m gobsmacked! That’s beyond words!” he said on the phone.

“You’ve completely floored me. Anyone who knows me knows I can chat your ear off but I’m gobsmacked!”

He said that he intended to do the right thing and finish the workday, but that he might not return on Monday.

“I’ve always done the right thing by people, I’ve always worked hard and I’ve always thought good things will come in the end. I tell you what – it doesn’t get much better than this!”

The winnings will go to the kids

The doting father went on to say that his beloved children would be receiving the majority of the winnings – and he couldn’t wait to tell his disbelieving daughter.

“Everyone has always laughed at me because I thought I would win. Only recently my daughter said to me ‘well hurry up and do it Dad – I’m sick of you saying it!’”.

He explained that his kids have their whole lives ahead of them, so he intended to set them up so they will have a better life.

After playing lotto since he was 18 years old, the winning dad said he always had a feeling he would win big one day. “I always had little wins here and there. Just $10 or $50 but I’ve always felt lucky.”

When asked if he would buy anything for himself, he said a new house was on the cards, which would be “amazing”.

His winning 25-game Quickpick was purchased from a local newsagency. It was the only Division 1 winning ticket in the Powerball draw on the 16th of May 2019. The winning numbers from the draw were 11, 13, 35, 34, 1, 17, 24, plus Powerball number 19.

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