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Answering all your AutoPlay questions!

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AutoPlay is an Oz Lotteries exclusive feature allowing you to automatically purchase your ticket in the draw each week.

This removes the need for you to remember to manually purchase your ticket each week.

You can even choose the minimum jackpot size you’d like to purchase in.

You’re in control and can pause anytime.

We’ve answered some common questions below to help you out.

Can I choose my own numbers?

Yes! You can select your favourite numbers and they will be on your ticket each week. Alternatively, you can QuickPick them.

Do I have a ticket in every jackpot?

Only if you choose too. You can select how small you would like the jackpot to be when your ticket is purchased. For example, if you choose to play only when the jackpot is $50 million or more and the jackpot this week is $20 million – your ticket won’t be purchased.

Can I stop AutoPlay?

You can pause your AutoPlay anytime! Simply head to your AutoPlay tickets and toggle off the button. You can always turn it back on at any time.

How does payment work?

You choose your preferred payment and each time the new draw opens your ticket will be automatically purchased using existing funds or authorised credit cards on your Oz Lotteries account.

Will I still be notified of my results?

Of course! We will always keep you updated through email every step of the way. You’ll receive ticket confirmation each week after it’s purchased, and the results of the ticket after the draw. You can also check your ticket and results in your Oz Lotteries account at any time.

What happens if I have insufficient funds?

Don’t worry, you’ll receive a friendly reminder for you to login to your account and top up your funds. We will then continue to attempt to purchase your ticket. There are no fees or charges if your payment fails.

Are there additional fees or charges?

There are no fees or charges, even if your payment fails.

I’m getting a credit card fee. How can I avoid this?

Some banks will charge a cash advance fee for gambling products such as lottery tickets. Unfortunately, we have no control over the way this is charged. You can always update your payment method to a different source such as a debit card. You can also choose to have your payment taken from your funds in your account, which can be topped up using BPAY or direct deposit.

Is there a lock-in commitment?

There is no minimum commitment with AutoPlay. You could even play for 1 week and turn it off! You’re in control and can easily manage your tickets in your Oz Lotteries account.

What reasons would I AutoPlay my tickets?

Oz Lotteries customers use AutoPlay for many reasons including:

  • Being in their favourite draws without having to remember a ticket
  • Ensuring they don’t miss out on draws that have limits ticket allocations
  • Buying tickets automatically when life is too busy
  • Automatically purchasing tickets when away on holidays or unable to get online

If you still have questions about AutoPlay, that’s okay! You can always contact our friendly customer support team.

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