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Another Oz Lotteries Division 1 Winner

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Another Oz Lotteries member is smiling and satisfied after winning over $1.3 million in the weekend’s $20,000,000 Superdraw! The lucky winner, a man in his sixties from Little Bay in Sydney’s south-east, was still in shock when we contacted him to confirm the good news.

“Wow! What has happened to me? Oh my god!” he said. He was one of fifteen Division 1 winners after correctly matching all six winning numbers from the Saturday Lotto Superdraw on the 30th of July.

He first realised that his luck had changed in a big way while out to dinner with his wife on Sunday evening. At the end of the night, while waiting for his wife to return from the restroom, he checked his email inbox on his phone and discovered the heart-stopping email from Oz Lotteries. But there was such a large number displayed in his winnings that he was sure it was a spam email!

He had won a total of $1,333,333.34 in prize money. “I couldn’t believe it…” he said, as he re-read the email over and over, hoping it would start to sink in. He needed to share the news with his wife for it to seem real. But her reaction was also one of disbelief! “Do not joke!” she said, and he assured her that he was serious.

“We just couldn’t realise this amazing news.”

It wasn’t until our Customer Support team contacted the stunned man on Monday morning that it finally hit home. “They said ‘congratulations!’ – then I began to realise that I won.” After five years of playing lotto online with Oz Lotteries, it was the first time our winner had ever won a large amount of money. But he maintained that the windfall wouldn’t change him too much.

“Even though I’ve won this lotto, my wife and I will put this money aside for now and keep going with our work as usual,” he said. The couple, who are currently renting a house with their children, hope to buy a new home for their family. In a kind-hearted display of generosity, they also plan to donate to UNICEF after supporting the charity for many years.

“Thanks Oz Lotteries team!” he added.

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