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Aged Carer Syndicate Wins Superdraw Millions

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A syndicate of fifty-one dedicated aged care workers won over $1.9 million in the weekend’s $21,000,000 Superdraw! The hard-working colleagues from an aged care facility in the Melbourne suburb of Croydon were said to be “overjoyed” at the news that their 36-game Quickpick had landed one of eleven Division 1 prizes in the draw.

When lottery officials contacted the syndicate leader to confirm their good fortune, she said that everyone was “so excited” to be part of the Division 1 win which worked out to over $37,000 for each member. “We’ve got nothing to complain about!” she exclaimed. “We are all extremely grateful. A lot of people have said ‘you don’t know how much this has helped me’”.

It was 11:30pm on the night of the Superdraw, and the syndicate leader described how she was checking her numbers on the official lottery app when she realised she had matched all 6 numbers needed to win Division 1. “I’m going ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!’ and I said to my husband, ‘Quick, have a look at this!’” she said.

She was thrilled that it was a syndicate ticket which has scooped the big prize. “I didn’t sleep at all thinking about breaking the news to everyone!” she said. She added that she and her workmates always entered the big draws with a small contribution to a syndicate ticket and that they had finally “cracked it!”

When asked what the syndicate members planned to do with their newfound winnings, she said the some planned to buy a new car, some intended to put money down on their mortgages, and others would take a holiday.

Joining a syndicate gives you more chances to win by covering a greater combination of numbers with more complex tickets and sharing the cost between the members of a group. Playing more games increases the chance of winning a prize. If the syndicate ticket wins a prize the total prize will be divided equally among all of the members of the syndicate.

Our syndicates are made up of small groups of 10-20 people. This group size provides a good balance between increased chances of winning and lower prize shares. We keep our group sizes low so that if your group does win the jackpot, your share will still be a substantial amount!

Oz Lotteries manages each syndicate so that you don’t have to worry. Each player pays for their share and once all shares of a syndicate are filled, Oz Lotteries purchases the tickets. You then get an email letting you know what numbers your syndicate is playing for this week’s draws.

After each game is drawn, we send you a results email that lets you know if your syndicate has won a prize. If your syndicate has won, Oz Lotteries divides the prize up equally between all shares and deposits the funds into your account. You can then either withdraw your winnings or use these funds to purchase additional tickets on Oz Lotteries.

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