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Act for Kids Lottery – Win a Mercedes-Benz!

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Act for Kids lottery is giving you the chance to win a brand new Mercedes-Benz! An Australian charity, Act for Kids provides therapy and support services to Australian children suffering from abuse or neglect. Act for Kids relies heavily on the sale of lottery tickets to raise funds to provide this vital care free of charge.

Here’s all you need to know about the Act for Kids lottery: how to enter, what you can win and how your support helps.

Current Act for Kids Lottery

Celebrate 100 Act for Kids Lotteries with an incredible prize! It’s your chance to win a Mercedes-Benz GLA250 SUV, valued at $82,400 RRP! First prize also includes up to $2,500 towards fees and travel to pick up or delivery costs. Mercedes-Benz prizes are delivered (excluding Brisbane, Australia) and are not transferable or redeemable for cash. Total first prize is valued up to $84,900.

Act for Kids Lottery draw 100

This sporty and spacious car boasts comfort and style with driving and parking assistance systems.

This lottery has only 9,100 tickets available! This is a very limited allocation and tickets are selling fast, so don’t miss out. Grab your Act for Kids Lottery tickets here at Oz Lotteries.

Last Act for Kids Lottery

The previous Act for Kids Lottery draw was no. 99. This draw gave supporters the chance to win a Mercedes-Benz A250 Hatch, valued at $68,678 RRP! The first prize also included up to $2,500 towards fees and travel to pick up or delivery costs. 

Did you have the winning ticket? Check out the results at Act for Kids Results on Oz Lotteries.

Act for Kids draw 99 prize


What are the Act for Kids Lottery Prizes?

Act for Kids Lottery gives you a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz. Each draw has one first prize, which is the Mercedes-Benz vehicle, or sometimes you have a choice between two Mercedes-Benz cars. The first prize is typically valued at a $100,000 and includes $2,500 towards CTP insurance, registration, accommodation and flights to pick up your vehicle or transport the vehicle to you.

Are there Bonus Prizes?

Each Act for Kids draw offers bonus prizes when you buy multiple tickets. If you buy a $100, $150, $200 or $250 ticket book, and you win first prize, you will also be eligible for an additional bonus prize valued up to $25,000. The bonus prize is your choice of a holiday voucher or platinum bullion, which you can exchange for cash. Ticket books also give you bonus free tickets and additional chances to win.

What if I don’t like the car I win?

While the prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash, you can speak to the Mercedes-Benz dealership directly and arrange the selling of the vehicle on your behalf. Or you can sell the car yourself through your local dealership or direct.

Odds and Tickets

What are the Odds of Winning in Act for Kids Lottery?

The odds of winning first prize are typically 1 in 13,000, but the number of tickets in each draw may vary. Act for Kids Lottery has a very limited number of tickets in comparison to other charity lotteries. Because the chances of winning are so good, the lottery sells out fast!

Where can I buy tickets for Act for Kids Lottery?

You can buy Act for Kids Lottery tickets right here at Oz Lotteries, the home of Australian Charity Lotteries. Check out the current prize on offer in Act for Kids Lottery and then get your tickets to win a Mercedes-Benz here.


What happens if I win?

If you won (Congratulations!), Act for Kids representative will call you directly. You will also receive an email with the lottery results to your email. That’s why it’s important to include your up to date phone and email in your Oz Lotteries account when you buy your ticket. You can also check the latest Act for Kids Lottery results here.

How do I get my Mercedes-Benz if I win?

Act for Kids representative will inform you how you can collect your shiny new car. If you live in Brisbane, you can easily collect your new car from the Mercedes-Benz Brisbane dealer. If you live elsewhere, your prize already includes up to $2500 in flights and accommodation to collect your new car. Alternatively, you can choose to have your vehicle delivered to you, all costs included (excluding Brisbane).

Act for Kids Lottery Winners

There is one major prize winner in every lottery draw, and we love hearing their stories.

Recent Act for Kids winners:

Congratulations to all winners!

How Your Support Helps Act for Kids

Every ticket purchased in this lottery helps provide vital care to children suffering from physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect. Most importantly, they offer holistic support to these children. This includes therapy to deal with trauma and enhance their well-being, family intervention and education for struggling parents and carers.

Shockingly, every 11 minutes a child in Australia is abused or neglected, often by someone they know and should be able to trust, including in their own home. You can do your part in helping these children by purchasing a ticket in the lottery.

Maddie’s Story

Five-year-old Maddie has lived through moments you don’t wish upon anyone. From birth, she was physically, emotionally and verbally abused by her parents, witnessing severe domestic violence and substance abuse.

maddie and act for kids

Maddie’s parents showed her very little love and affection and there were no games or learning experiences in her home. Although she looks like any other little girl, the trauma she suffered has left scars that will last a lifetime without ongoing therapy.

Due to the abusive nature of her home, Maddie was removed from her parents and now lives with her grandmother. Maddie’s speech and language were severely delayed, and later she suffered separation anxiety from her grandmother, as a result of her trauma.

Act for Kids have helped Maddie overcome her trauma by providing her with speech therapy and psychological support every Monday. Although Maddie continues to improve, she still struggles with anxiety and will need long-term support to help her overcome the years of severe abuse and neglect.


To show your support, grab your Act for Kids tickets now and give yourself the chance to win!

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