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7 Crazy Lottery Winners

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The dream came true for these seven lottery players. See what these crazy lottery winners spent their millions on!

Gifted it to their family

George and Beryl Keates became 3.5 million pounds richer after winning the National Lottery in England in 2012. They generously gave away the majority of their winning to family members. 250,000 pounds were given to each of their four sons, 10,000 pounds to each of the nine grandchildren and more to sisters. The couple’s leftover money goes towards more lottery tickets.

Crazy Lotto Winners

Continues to play every week

When Cynthia Stafford won a sum of $112 million in 2007 on the California Mega Millions jackpot she was excited but not surprised. She accredits her winning to her ability to visualise winning the exact sum of $112 million every time she bought a ticket. She continues to buy lottery tickets every week, saying “it’s only a couple of dollars”.

Shopping spree

Shopping spree

In 1961, Vivian Nicholson and her husband Keith from England won the Littlewood Pools. They correctly predicted the outcome of eight football matches, winning more than 150,000 pounds. That’s the equivalent today of about $4.5 million. Following the massive win, Vivian immediately went onto the news to announce she would be spending her winnings on upgrading her wardrobe. She stayed true to her promise and spent the majority of her winnings on expensive designer clothing.

Built a water park

Built a water park

John Kutey was the lucky recipient of a 2011 $319 million Mega Millions jackpot in the U.S, receiving a share of $28.7 million. In honour of his parents, Kutey donated a portion of his winnings to building a water park. The park is now known as Spray Park in Green Island, New York.

Named a trust after her lucky dessert

81-year-old Louise White of Rhode Island very clearly remembers her last meal before becoming a millionaire. Prior to purchasing a Powerball lottery ticket that would end up being worth $336.4 million, Louise bought a rainbow sherbet at Stop N Shop. Louise made sure this lucky dessert would be forever honoured by naming her trust that benefits her family “The Rainbow Sherbet Trust”.

Donated it all

When Canadian couple Allen and Violet Large won $11.2 million in the lottery in 2010, they decided that others needed it more. The couple, who were in their 70’s at the time of winning, firstly made sure their family members were set up financially. Then, they set to donating the majority of what was won to charities and hospitals. They may not be the most crazy lottery winners, but it’s an unbelievable act nonetheless!

Established a day camp

Established a day camp

A Wisconsin middle school teacher, Les Robins, was thrust from obscurity into the national spotlight in 1993. All by winning a $111 million jackpot. It was the highest Powerball jackpot at the time. Robins used a large portion of his winnings to purchase 226 acres. He then built a day camp which includes a gym and pool, riding stables, and a miniature golf course. Plus, a lake with enough water toys to keep all campers ranging in ages from 6-16 entertained. His investment paid off! 20 years later Camp Winnegator is still successfully running.

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