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$500k Lotto Win for Oz Lotteries Member!

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Another lucky Oz Lotteries member is a happy Saturday Lotto winner this week!

The man in his early forties from the Melbourne suburb of McKinnon was shocked to receive the news from Oz Lotteries on Monday.

“I was at work. And then I saw a missed call.”

It took a while for the winner, who was completely oblivious to his life-changing windfall, to return the call. It was a “complete shock” for him to learn about his win. The call was even more of a shock because he didn’t check his usual results email from Oz Lotteries on the day after the draw.

The winner shared that he had been playing with Oz Lotteries for over a year, and had recently switched to playing on the Oz Lotteries app because of “ease and convenience”. He explained that he always buys a Saturday Lotto Standard 18-game QuickPick ticket.

After matching all six winning numbers, he won a total of $519,011.56 in Division 1.

“I never expected to win a prize that big. I’ve never won a big prize!” the overjoyed winner said.

“I’ve been saving forever to buy a house. Just did this year… and now I can close the mortgage, and have some spare left in the bank too!”

The Oz Lotteries winner was one Saturday Lotto winner of eight who shared in the $4,000,000 jackpot on Saturday. The winning numbers for Saturday Lotto draw 3717 were 9, 12, 28, 18, 15 and 34, supplementary numbers were 1 and 44.

Winning Division 1 is always exciting and culminates in lots of hopes and dreams on the winner’s part. Oz Lotteries always advises their winners to ensure they remain practical as they can amongst all the excitement of the win. It is a life-changing experience, and you’ll need all the tips, advice, and encouragement you can get to navigate this new stage in your life. All Oz Lotteries major Division 1 and 2 winners are contacted by our Customer Support team. We guide you through every step of the verification, claim and withdrawal process. It’s always good to chat with your bank and financial adviser too!

Oz Lotteries is excited to see its 2nd Division 1 winner in the same week! One woman purchased her first ever lotto ticket online with Oz Lotteries and it won her the $10,000,000 Powerball!

It could happen to you too! Will you be our next Saturday Lotto winner? Get your ticket now to be in it to win it!

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