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$40 Million Oz Lotto Winners Plan To Share

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The $40 Million Oz Lotto Winners have been found after three days of intense search!

An incredibly lucky Victorian couple has scooped the entire $40 million Division 1 prize pool in last Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw. The astonished winners, a married couple, came to the overwhelming realisation late Friday night that their 36-game QuickPick in Tuesday’s $40 million Oz Lotto was the sole division one winning entry that everyone is been talking about.

“It’s a big, big shock! It’s incredible! Someone told us to double check our ticket and it turned out that it was us all along! We’ve checked the numbers on our ticket over and over but they still haven’t changed!” the winning wife shared.

“We’re still trying to grasp the size of our win!”

The couple came forward on late Friday afternoon, after taking some time to process the news of their life-changing win. The ecstatic winners said that though they always hoped and dreamed to win a $1 million in Division 1, but they never imagined that their jackpot will be worth a staggering $40 million.

“Even when the numbers are directly in front of you, you still can’t believe it! We are just going to take some time to absorb this fantastic news.”

The lucky couple were mostly happy that they now had enough to look after their family and they were able to retire. While they have not yet made any plans for themselves yet, the wife mentioned that they will now have plenty of time to think about it:

“Amazing what you can do with more time to enjoy the things you love!”

The winners were also keen to share their good fortune with the Leongatha community and many other good causes.

“We have always had plans to share, giving some back is what it’s all about; we fully believe in that. This windfall is more than enough to look after our family, and we’re not greedy, so all we’ve been thinking about is how else we can help”.

The winners took over three days to come forward – they did not register their entry to a player’s card so their identity was a mystery and Lotto officials had no means of contacting the ticket holders to let them in on the news.

There was a similar situation to a previous $30 Million Oz Lotto Winner in February 2016, when a man from a small coastal town in northern New South Wales said he’d been avoiding the daily phone calls because “it was usually someone trying to get money” out of him. He didn’t realise that the calls were from lottery officials trying to tell him he had won $30,000,000. In the end, he actually found out when he logged into his online account and saw “a lot of zeroes” in his account balance.

Tuesday’s Oz Lotto jackpot was the 2nd this year worth $40 million (the highest jackpot for Oz Lotto this year), with many Australians purchasing an entry for their chance at a massive prize pool. Oz Lotto’s biggest jackpot in 2015 was $60 million (shared between 3 winners in Queensland, Norther Territory and Western Australia), while the largest historical jackpot for Oz Lotto was $100 million in November 2012.

The winning numbers in Oz Lotto’s $40 million draw 1162 on Tuesday 24th of May were 22, 32, 25, 11, 38, 4 and 5, plus supplementary numbers 20 and 40.

Over 704,667 prizes were won in Divisions 2 to 7, sharing the total lower division prize pool of $14.2 million, with three Oz Lotteries members winning big in Division 2 in Tuesday’s $40,000,000 Oz Lotto draw!

One winner played a System 10 ticket and won over $40,000 in Divisions 2 to 7!

Two other winners played a standard QuickPick ticket and won over $20,000 in Division 2!

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