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31 Ways To Spend A Million Dollars

Go to Space

Having a million dollars is something many of us dream about from a young age. It’s fun to think up all the weird, wonderful and wacky ways we could spend a million dollars. And in the New Year’s Eve $31 Million Megadraw, it may well become a reality for some lucky winner. So we thought we’d help them with some ideas on how to spend their winnings.

First things first, share it with your loved ones.

  1. Fly your whole family in a private jet to private villa in the Maldives
  2. Above all, pay off your mortgage… and your parents… and your sisters…

Maldives huts

Next, you’ll want to do some home renovations:

  1. Perhaps install solar panels in yours and 141 other homes.
  2. Build an Olympic size swimming pool in your backyard.
  3. Step it up and install a cinema – Goldmund offer an ultra luxurious home theater for $1 million dollars.

Olympic swimming pool

At some point, you’ll likely want to travel to further shores….

  1. Why not start by hiring your own private jet for a round the world trip?
  2. Maybe stop on a private island in Fiji and get Gordon Ramsay to cook for you and 5 friends for a week.


  1. Stay for 6 weeks at the Burj al Arab in Dubai ($24,000 per night, plus $850 for room service)
  2. Spend a weekend in New York – stay at the four seasons, sit in the premium seats at the superbowl, go VIP at a Madison Square Gardens concert, go on a Fifth Avenue shopping spree and by some art at Sotheby’s.
  3. Perhaps you like to explore? Hire a super-yacht for a 3 week trip in the Greek Isles (prices start at $300,000 a week)
  4. Or spend 2 years traveling to 150 countries and visit every Unesco world heritage site.


If you’re wanting more than just a holiday…

  1. Buy a 4 bed villa on Hamilton Island for $950,000
  2. Or how about a 1 bed apartment in Sydney CBD
  3. Maybe a 5 bed mansion nestled next to the wineries in the Mornington Peninsula is more your thing?
  4. Or better still, why not buy a vineyard in France?

French vineyard

Helping others and giving to charity is one of the more fulfilling ways to share your money.

  1. $1 million would build 76 schools in Cambodia
  2. Perhaps buy water pumps to provide 1,782 villages with clean water
  3. 390,000 children could receive the polio vaccine 
  4. Maybe you could provide school supplies for 141, 342 children. Ensure they continue to learn during times of crisis and conflict, or in the hardest to reach areas.
  5. Give 6,667 sheep to farmers meaning access to vital income so they can feed their families.
  6. Invest in an ethical startup – such as Sanergy – a Kenyan social enterprise that makes prefabricated concrete toilets to turn human waste into fertilizer.

Buy water pumps to provide 1,782 villages in Bangladesh with clean water

Then, of course, there’s the downright ridiculous…

  1. At $1,000 a kilo, $1 million will buy you 1,000 kilos of Kopi Luwak,  the world’s most expensive coffee (made from poo from a relation of the weasel family, did you know?)
  2. Certainly, at $49,000 a bottle, you can have 20 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose Gold.
  3. Or if wine’s more your thing, you can get 6 bottles of Crystal Aevum Imperial – the most exclusive bottle of wine at $140,000 a bottle.
  4. Buy a million dollar super-car such as The Rolls-Royce Phantom Serenity or the McLaren P1 (if it wasn’t sold out)
  5. Buy a submarine – the C-Explorers submersible to be exact
  6. Go to space – at $250,000 a flight, you can take 3 of your best friends with you!

Astronaut in space

  1. Add another pair of special edition Beats by Dr Dre to the cart – complete with 114 carats of diamonds.
  2. Buy a Mac Daddy’s fishing bait – made of 3 pounds of gold and platinum and encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies. This would up your fishing game!
  3. Buy a parking space in downtown Manhattan – located on 66 E. 11th St, this million dollar parking spot costs more than 6 times that of the average family home.
  4. Book Jay Z to play at your party once, or hire Kanye West AND Lionel Ritchie (I know who I’d rather have).

Jay Z

Finally, if you want to do more than just dream of winning a million dollars, get your tickets for the upcoming Powerball or Oz Lotto now!

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