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$30 Million Oz Lotto Winners From Perth

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The search is over for $30 Million Oz Lotto winners and Australia’s latest multi-millionaires! A hard-battling WA family from Dianella, a Perth suburb, have come forward to claim the massive $30 million Oz Lotto jackpot.

After a week of anticipation and lottery officials failing to locate the holder of the winning ticket, the blissfully unaware winner casually walked into the local newsagency to check his ticket.

This has completely blindsided me! We had absolutely no idea how much we’d won on our ticket, we were just told by a retailer that it would be a good idea to go to Head Office,” said the man.

Once in the Winners Room, the man finally came to terms with his massive windfall and phoned his wife with the staggering news.

“I’m not really thinking anything at the moment except maybe I’ll wake up. The only thing I’ve won before this was a box of crabs!” said the man.

The family have been regular Lotto players, always getting a ticket for bigger jackpots, but admitted that they struggled financially this year for their small business.

“I’ve always worked and worked and tried my hardest to get where I am. Everything was just out of reach but not anymore.” said the winner.

The winner also confessed that he and his family were ordinary, “not fancy” people, and they were just happy that they could afford to fix their son’s car and send their grandmother on a cruise.

“And no more $5 t-shirts!!” the winner added, laughing.

“My wife always complains when we go on holidays because I book such cheap hotels, she’ll be stoked we can have the second worst hotel now,” said the man.

The $30 million Oz Lotto win is Western Australia’s second largest Lotto prize ever won by a sole winner, who was also the sole jackpot winner in the country. The win topped only by an Armadale family’s $50 million Powerball prize in late July 2015. With another Division 1 win in last weekend’s Saturday Lotto by a work syndicate, WA now has a record 99 Division 1 wins in 2015 with 71,000 lucky lotto players winning over $260 million in prize money.

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