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$30 Million Oz Lotto Winner Finally Answers Phone

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It’s was two weeks since a $30,000,000 Oz Lotto draw on the 2nd of February 2016, and the sole Division 1 winner finally picked up the phone to receive the news about his multi-million dollar win!

The stunned man from a small coastal town in northern New South Wales said he’d been avoiding the daily phone calls because “it was usually someone trying to get money” out of him. He didn’t realise that the calls were from lottery officials trying to tell him he had won $30,000,000. In the end, he actually found out when he logged into his online account and saw “a lot of zeroes” in his account balance.

“I couldn’t work out if I’d won $3 million or $30 million… I wrote the number down and put commas in between all those zeroes!”

The lucky $30 million Oz Lotto winner, who purchased his winning 4-game Standard ticket online, said that it was “quite hard to believe”. After 30 years of playing lotto, and never winning more than $1,000, his patience finally paid off in the form of $30,000,000. He described himself as “gobsmacked” and having “butterflies” in his stomach when he found out, but that it would probably ”sink in in a few days’ time.”

When asked what he would do to celebrate his life-changing news, the dumbfounded man said he was having trouble focusing on anything except “having some lunch and a cup of tea”.

“Do I ring my boss and quit this minute or finish the jobs I’ve started?” he wondered. “I can’t really think straight”.

He added that he planned to celebrate with “a beer or quite possibly a few of them” and then sit down and work out a plan for his winnings. It would involve paying off debts, buying a new car and “some big boy’s toys”, and travelling around Australia.

The winning numbers from Oz Lotto draw 1124 on Tuesday the 2nd of February were 5, 7, 9, 44, 22, 2 and 19, plus supplementary numbers 36 and 28.

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