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The Search is Over for the $30 Million Oz Lotto Winner!

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The mystery $30 million Oz Lotto winner has been found! 10 days after Oz Lotto draw 1282 on Tuesday 11th September 2018, a resident from NSW claimed the winning ticket which they purchased from a newsagent in Maroubra, in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

$30 Million Oz Lotto Winner

Imagine winning $30 million and not realising for ten days? How would winning $30 million change your life? Maybe you could buy a private jet and take lavish getaways. Or rather, purchase your dream ocean view home. Or would you retire from your job, look after your family and closest friends, and then sail into the sunset on a newly purchased yacht? Certainly, winning Oz Lotto, or any lottery, is a major life-changing event. Above all, it gives you the time and freedom to do what you really want to do when you want to do it. But you have to purchase a ticket to be in it to win it!

$30 Million Powerball Winner

Whilst the $30 million Oz Lotto winner has been found, the search continues for the winner of the $30 million Powerball draw 1166 on Thursday 20th September 2018. Unbeknownst to the winner, they have scooped the entire $30,000,000 Powerball jackpot. The ticket was purchased in the outer suburbs of Hobart, Tasmania and was the only Division One winning entry. However, as the entry was unregistered, there is no means of contacting the winner. A search for Tasmania’s new multi-millionaire continues.

Are you the lucky Tasmanian resident who’s won $30 million on Powerball? The winning numbers are 20, 6, 30, 17, 8, 10, 2 and the Powerball number is 8. Check your tickets now!

Purchase lotto tickets online for peace of mind

Purchasing lottery tickets online with Oz Lotteries ensures that you’re always registered. Furthermore, any winnings are paid directly into your account and we will always contact you if you win a major jackpot.

So get your tickets for the next Oz lotto draw here, or the next Powerball draw now. Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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