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3 Feel Good Reasons To Play Lotto

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There are multiple feel good reasons why you should play lotto. It could be to boost your wealth, pay off your outstanding debt, go on an around the world holiday. Even just to buy that new Lamborghini you’ve always dreamed of owning!

Other than gaining material possessions, there are multiple life benefits you can also achieve by winning lotto!

By winning lotto you could launch your dream career!

1. Launch your dream career

Winning lotto could help you launch your dream career!

Cynthia P. Stafford won $112 million dollars in the California Mega Millions jackpot in the California Lottery in 2007.

Cynthia’s theory behind winning is that she believes she won by visualising winning and noting down the first random numbers that would flash to mind.

With her winnings, she bought a new house with a pool, a new Mercedes-Benz, and set up a film production company which now a successful business and supports her family.  She also donated a proportion of her winnings.

Cynthia said she believed that she was a successful, stable lotto winner because she mentally prepared herself and researched financial advisors and lawyers to help get in the right mindset of possessing that amount of money.

Elderly couple donates lotto winnings

2. Make a donation to charities

Donating to charity can be a great feel good experience and that’s exactly what a couple from Canada did.

Allen and Violet Large, both in their 70’s, donated their entire $11.2 million winnings to different charities and hospitals, churches, the local fire department and their family.  Violet said, “What you’ve never had, you never miss”.

Improve your life by winning lotto

3. Improve your lifestyle

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball and winning the lotto can help make a major difference to someone’s future!  Dione and Richard Buss from Somerset in the UK, experienced a life changing win when they rescued a winning ticket from the rubbish bin.

The £1.9m prize money gave Dione, who worked as a tax collector, and has multiple sclerosis, the ability to escape her own financial pressures.

The couple’s life has changed and they get to travel on various holidays. Between travelling abroad, Dione and Richard both volunteer. They work at a series of charity projects, including a centre that helps disabled people enjoy horse riding.

Imagine the things you could accomplish if you won lotto! Try your luck and get your tickets online from Oz Lotteries.

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