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$201,000 Mega Jackpot Lucky Lotteries Winner

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In October 2017, Lucky Lotteries lived up to its name for one Oz Lotteries customer who was a $201,000 Mega Jackpot Lotto winner!

A woman from the South Island, New Zealand, was very skeptical when she first received the call from our Customer Support team which quickly turned to tears of joy. Her husband got on the phone and also became shaky when he was reassured that the call was legitimate.

The winner was visiting Brisbane celebrating her 50th birthday with her grandkids. She had bought the ticket as a birthday present for herself. She said that she has never won a prize like this before and always believed that one day she would win. To top off the experience, she also flew back home on the same flight as the All Blacks. Double win!  While over the moon about her win, there are no special plans as yet.

Other winners

Another Oz Lotteries customer, a woman in her 50s from Northern Territory, was also a lucky winner this month winning $102,000 in the Super Jackpot Lucky Lotteries draw on 24 October 2017. Upon speaking to our Customer Support team she said that she was in complete shock and will potentially look at buying a house, which she never believed was possible. She is celebrating the win with her close family.

A gentleman from New South Wales was a lucky winner in June 2017, in the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot. He was naturally shocked when he first learned of the win and didn’t think it was real. Once the reality of the win had sunk in, he started thinking about the life-changing win. Finally, he could pay off a big chunk of his mortgage and take a trip of a lifetime.

Each Mega Jackpot has a set number of 180,000 tickets to be sold. Once all the tickets in a draw are sold the draw for that particular game can take place. Thus, there are no set dates for draws. However, there are 3 Mega Jackpots on sale at any one time – the current lottery and 2 future lotteries.

How to Play Mega Jackpot

All tickets are automatically picked by the computer and are usually allocated sequentially. However, 10 ticket numbers or less can be chosen at random.

Match any of your ticket numbers with the winning numbers in the current draw. Immediately after all prize winning ticket numbers have been drawn, one Jackpot ticket number is drawn. The Jackpot ticket number must have already won a cash prize other than a consolation prize in the same draw. If a cash prize is also matched to the ticket, the Jackpot is won! If the Jackpot ticket number has not already won a cash prize (other than a consolation prize), then the Jackpot is not won and it increases by $235,000 in the next draw.

Mega Jackpot is available now! Purchase your tickets now for the chance to become half a million dollars richer.

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