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$20 Million Powerball Winner in Disbelief

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Thursday 30 July 2020 was the recent $20 million Powerball, where one lucky winner took out the entire $20,000,000! The New South Wales man was in complete shock when finding out he was the $20 million Powerball winner.

Before rolling over and going to sleep, he decided to check his Powerball ticket on his phone. When he logged on and saw the screen say ‘$20 million!’ he didn’t believe it. He logged in and out a few times to double check. The lucky man also researched online to see if there was any information on the winner, and of course found nothing.

“My heart was racing, I was shaking!”

He said “I had to call my mum because I was just in total shock! She checked for me as well, and that’s when it started to feel real.”

The lucky man could not believe what’s happened to him, saying “I couldn’t sleep last night. I just kept thinking about the fact I am now a multi-millionaire. A multi-millionaire! How crazy is that? This changes everything for me and for my whole family!”

After a sleepless night, he had a bit of time to think about how he might spend his winnings. The selfless man is looking forward to setting up his family. He said “I can’t wait to help my family. I want to buy my parents a house!”

He of course is also looking forward to spoiling himself a little, mentioning that after COVID-19, “I will be straight on a plane to Las Vegas!”

He will likely remain working and also investing some of the money.

The winning ticket he purchased was a 50-game standard ticket. Congratulations to the lucky man and all the best for the future!

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