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20 Amazing Renovation Ideas for $20 Million Superdraw

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The $20 Million Superdraw is on Saturday, 13th July 2019! Superdraws are an exciting super-sized version of Saturday Lotto where ticket-holders can win much bigger jackpot prizes than usual. Whilst Saturday Lotto has an estimated Division 1 prize pool of $4 million each week, Superdraw offers players the chance to win a share in $20 million!

Super Charge Your Home with $20 Million Superdraw

How could winning $20,000,000 change your home and lifestyle? Would you remodel your existing home? Build a brand-new house? Renovate a ludicrously brilliant caravan and make the road your home? The choice is yours! To give you some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 20 amazing home remodeling and renovation ideas you could install if you won a share of the $20 Million Superdraw.

1. Home Aquarium

Home Aquarium idea for $20 Million Superdraw

2. Spiral Staircase Wine Cellar

Spiral Staircase Wine Cellar

Source: Spiral Cellars

3. Indoor Slide

Indoor Slide idea for $20 Million Superdraw

Indoor Slide

Source: David Hotson Architect

4. Balcony Pool

Balcony Pool idea for $20 Million Superdraw

Source: James Law Cybertecture

5. Backyard Cinema

Backyard Cinema idea for $20 Million Superdraw

6. Office Pod

Office Pod

Source: Office Pod

7. Living Room Skateramp

Living Room Skateramp idea for $20 Million Superdraw

Source: Pierre Andre Senizergues

8. Bookcase Staircase

Bookcase Staircase

Source: Marc Koehler Architects

9. Hidden Room

Hidden Room idea for $20 Million Superdraw

Source: Creative Home Engineering

10. Luxury Man Cave

Luxury Man Cave

11. Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

12. Basement Glass Pool

Basement Glass Pool

Source: Spaced Out Architects

13. Swingset Table

Swingset Table

Source: Duffy London

14. Disappearing Garage

Disappearing Garage

Source: Cardok

15. Cat Tube

Cat Tube

Cat Tube

Source: BecauseWeCan

16. Private Helipad

Private Helipad

17. Custom Golf Course

Custom Golf Course

18. Window Balcony

Window Balcony

Window Balcony idea for $20 Million Superdraw

Source: Bloomframe

19. Treehouse


Source: Joel Allen

20. Flinstones Inspired Home

Flinstones Inspired Home

Source: Dick Clark

Would you incorporate any extravagant renovation ideas into your home if you won a share of the $20 Million Superdraw?

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Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

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Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

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