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$15 Million Powerball Winner Has Kids To Thank

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Imagine repaying a lifetime of Dad’s kindness with $15,000,000! That was the thought behind a Father’s Day gift that came true for one very lucky guy in the Melbourne beachside suburb of Sandringham. His adult son and daughter presented him with a Powerball ticket last weekend but never dreamed it would make him the only Division 1 winner in last Thursday’s $15,000,000 Powerball draw.

The children bought the winning 12-game Quickpick from a local newsagency in Sandringham and the family has chosen to remain anonymous. However, the daughter spoke to lottery officials to describe how the family react to the once-in-a-lifetime news that dear old dad was the $15 Million Powerball winner.

“We’re so ecstatic!” she said, adding that her dad had “quite the weekend” when he realised on Friday that he held the only winning ticket in last Thursday’s draw. “He went to the pub and shouted the bar!”

She explained that they were “very happy” for him because he had had a “hard life”. But that didn’t stop him from showering the family with generosity by paying off all their mortgages – in the words of the daughter, it was an “amazing gift” to have that debt squared away.

She said her dad planned to buy himself a brand new car, a house, and some holiday homes. With $15,000,000 in the bank, you can afford to splurge a little!

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1008 on the 10th of September were 15, 24, 38, 29, 11 and 12 plus Powerball number 15.

Other Lucky Fathers

There were other Australians experiencing the happiest Father’s Day of their lives after winning Division 1 in last weekend’s $21,000,000 Superdraw.

A man from the northern Brisbane suburb of Aspley was stunned to walk into his local newsagency with a few old lotto tickets and walk out with $750,000! He was excited to break the news to his dad on Father’s Day, and added that the old man simply shook his hand when he found out. The man said he was happy to go to work on Monday but that it was “hard to concentrate”. He plans to pay off some debts and renovate his home.

A couple located in the Darling Downs town of Warwick joked that they would “never be able to top this Father’s Day” after winning $750,000. They won a Division 1 prize with a 24-game Quickpick from a local newsagency.  The couple said they “feel so blessed” and that paying off their mortgage was the first priority.

Finally, a father from Forest Hill in Melbourne’s east said he couldn’t wait to share the good news with children at their “special family dinner.” When contacted by lottery officials who confirmed he held one of the twenty-eight winning tickets, the man said he was having a hard time believing it and had to try and calm himself down. He purchased his winning System 9 ticket from a local newsagency and said he plans to use his $750,000 to help out his children.

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