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11 Winners in $20 Million May Superdraw

May Superdraw Winners 2021 Hero

$20 Million May Superdraw has delivered another batch of brand new minted lotto millionaires! There were eleven winning entries from across Australia in the Saturday Lotto draw 4153 on Saturday 8 May 2021. Each Division 1 winning entry scored $1,818,181.82.

An Oz Lotteries member was one of the two lucky winners from NSW. There were two winners in QLD also.

Another two winning entries in Victoria, including one being a Syndicate of 30. And 3 Division 1 winners in WA, one of which was an 11 share Syndicate.

Some entries were unregistered, so until the winners step forward to claim their prizes their location is unknown.

Check out the highlights from the May Superdraw winners below.

This Saturday $5 Million*

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

Oz Lotteries player scores $1.8 Million in Superdraw

May Superdraw Winners 2021 - Oz Lotteries winner

A retired woman from north Sydney was overjoyed to receive a call from Oz Lotteries about her Superdraw win. She has become a member with Oz Lotteries for over 10 years, when she discovered playing online was so easy and convenient.

The winner shared that she has been flicking through her Oz Lotteries account and results on Saturday night, when she stumbled upon her Division 1 win.

“I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the $1.8 million! I never won anything substantial before.”

The first thing the winner did was speak to her son as she was in total disbelief. They shared a celebratory drink after.

The woman noted that she would use the winnings to help her kids.

Central Coast woman life-changing Superdraw win

May Superdraw Winners 2021 - NSW winner

The 2nd NSW winner shared that she had a couple of sleepless nights and was struggling to concentrate on work after finding out she was a millionaire.

The woman shared her excitement as she checked her ticket on Sunday and shared the news with her husband.

“We were up for the rest of the night. We couldn’t sleep. It’s incredible. Life-changing in a huge way!”

The winner had time to think about what she’d be doing with the incredible lottery fortune.

“We want to spend it wisely and really make the most out of our prize.”

Victorian Syndicate shares Div 1 prize

May Superdraw Winners 2021 - VIC Syndicate winners

A Victorian cross-store syndicate of 30 members scored a total of $1.9 Million win on their System 17 entry. This includes Division 1 prize of $1.8 million, but also 6 wins in Division 2, 60 wins in Division 3, 825 wins in Division 4, 900 times in Division 5 and 2,400 wins in Division 6. That’s a System ticket for you!

The Syndicate shares were purchased across Victoria – from Bendigo to Wodonga, and all over Melbourne. Each Syndicate member received a share of $57,119.14 It’s fair to say all these lucky Victorians have had a wonderful start to their week!

A man from Victoria got the shock of his life

May Superdraw Winners 2021 - VIC winner

A man from Melbourne East couldn’t stop swearing when he received his winning call. His System 11 ticket delivered him almost $2 million windfall!

After an initial string of swears, he’s gone to continue expressing his excitement in a more “printable” words:

“Oh god! I’m a millionaire! Thank you for making my day, week, year! You’re amazing! This is amazing!”

The winner couldn’t think what he’d do with his newly found fortune at first, but then decided that paying off the mortgage was the first priority.

“I might also take the boys out for dinner and drinks on the weekend to celebrate!”

Over 2 Million Winners in May Superdraw

In addition to the lucky Division 1 winners, there were more than 2 million winner in Divisions 2-6!

The winning numbers in $20 Million May Superdraw were 31, 4, 41, 2, 9 and 26, with supplementary numbers 18 and 25.

Make sure you check your ticket! And don’t forget, there are more chances to win big this week with a $10 Million Saturday Lotto Special Event on Saturday 15 May 2021! Get your ticket online with Oz Lotteries.

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

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