About Angel Flight

Angel Flight is a charity which coordinates non-emergency flights to assist country people to access specialist medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them because of vast distance and high travel costs. Anyone who is medically disadvantaged; families who have been devastated by medical bills due to illness, accidents, or other chronic conditions, and those who have a need for the service. All flights are free and may involve travel to medical facilities anywhere in Australia.

Your Jet Life was launched in 2022 by the founders of Monarc Global to raise much-needed donations and awareness for Angel Flight and what other aviation-focused charities do, but also to give everyone a chance to live out a fantasy of winning their own plane! This is a unique first-of-its-kind Art Union in Australia.

There have been plenty of Art Union draws with luxury homes, exotic cars and holiday giveaways, but there has never been a private plane up for grabs. Every year from 2023, there will be two opportunities for someone or a group to become private plane owners!

Your purchase helps Angel Flight

The Your Jet Life lottery aims to raise a minimum of $2.5 million for Angel Flight and offers a first prize package, including a private plane, to the winner totalling a value of over $3 million.

The lottery is designed to raise funds for the purchase of Angel Flight’s first small jet that will operate throughout NSW to transport health professionals and students for placements in rural communities.

The event will also raise awareness for the aviation industry, and the social good it provides, particularly in communities outside the capital cities. Over the course of the next five years, the aim of the lottery is to raise enough funds for Angel Flight to have a small VisionJet aircraft in each state/territory.

Angel Flight