Police Citizens Youth Clubs make a difference

PCYC is a charity empowering young people to reach their potential through Police and community partnerships. PCYC works with vulnerable youth to break the cycle of disadvantage through programs targeting crime prevention, enhanced social responsibility, vocational education, youth leadership and capacity building.

PCYC activities help young people thrive through engagement with sport, education, culture, and family.

Since 1937, PCYC has been building safer healthier communities, through youth development programs and activities.

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Police Citizens Youth Clubs Lottery

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Policeman with four teenagers.

The difference you make

  • Youth Programs in the Community
    PCYC staff, volunteers and Police work together in local communities to support youth to become the best that they can be. Working in metropolitan, regional and remote locations, PCYC works closely with indigenous, refugee and disadvantaged young people in an inclusive and culturally appropriate manner to engage them to be positive, active members of community.
  • Sports, Driver Training & Activities
    PCYC uses a wide range of sporting and recreation activities to help young people to lead healthy, active lives. Life skills like driver education also help young people in their journey to adulthood.