Surf Life Saving Lottery – Winner’s Choice!

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The Surf Life Saving Lottery: Winner’s Choice gives you the chance to win a limited-edition car! Surf Life Saving is one of Australia’s best-known charities, providing safety for beachgoers and the community. As a not-for-profit organisation, they rely heavily on funds raised from the sale of lottery tickets to continue providing their vital service.

Fortunately, the Surf Life Saving Foundation not only runs the Prize Home Lottery, but also the Winner’s Choice Lottery. You can support a great cause all while having the chance to win great prizes!

Here’s all you need to know about the Surf Life Saving Winner’s Choice lottery. We’ll show you how to enter, what you can win, and what your support means for our community.


What are the Winner’s Choice Lottery Prizes?

The Surf Life Saving Lottery, Winner’s Choice, gives you a chance to win a limited edition car. Each draw has just one first prize, which varies depending on the draw. However, the first prize is always exciting and car prizes include on-road costs and vehicle delivery within Australia.

Are there Bonus Prizes?

Each Winner’s Choice Lottery draw offers bonus prizes when you buy multiple tickets. If you buy 5 or more tickets and you win first prize, you will also be eligible for a bonus $25,000 in gold bullion, which you can exchange for cash.

What if I don’t like the car I win?

The prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. However, you can choose to use the car as you please. Use, rent, or sell the car once you receive ownership – it’s up to you!

Odds and Tickets

What are the Odds of Winning in the Winner’s Choice Lottery?

The odds of winning first prize vary depending on the draw and tickets sold. However, the odds are typically 1 in 50,000 or better. This Surf Life Saving Lottery has a limited number of tickets, giving you better odds. But remember, because the odds are good, the lottery can sell out fast!

Where can I buy tickets for the Surf Life Saving Lottery?

You can buy Surf Life Saving Lottery tickets right here at Oz Lotteries, the home of Australian Charity Lotteries. Check out the current draw prize and then get your tickets for your chance to win!


What happens if I win?

If you are the lucky winner, a Surf Life Saving Foundation representative will contact you. You’ll also receive the draw results by email for you to confirm. As we use the details you provide to contact you if you’re a winner, it’s important to keep them up to date! Ensure you provide the correct information when you sign up, and regularly check that your phone number and email address are correct in your Oz Lotteries account.

You can also check the latest Winner’s Choice lottery results at Oz Lotteries.

How do I get my prize if I win?

A Surf Life Saving Foundation representative will help you with the claims process and advise how you’ll receive it. Delivery of cars within Australia is included in the first prize, so you can rest assured your prize will be heading to you quickly!

Current Surf Life Saving Winner’s Choice Lottery

The current Surf Life Saving Winner’s Choice Lottery is draw 419. You could win a $146,000 Toyota LandCruiser VX 200 Series V8!

It’s your chance to win one of the last of the legendaries! Featuring the latest 4WD and multimedia technologies, this powerful LandCruiser is perfect for daily commutes and harsh conditions.

Surf Life Saving Lottery Winner's Choice draw 419 prize.

The 6-speed automatic features a 4.5L Twin Turbo Diesel Engine, with 3.5-tonne braked towing capacity, 200kW Power & 650Nm Torque.

Grab your Surf Life Saving Winner’s Choice tickets now at Oz Lotteries.

Plus if you buy 5 or more tickets, and win the 1st prize, you’ll get a bonus $25,000 gold bullion!

Last Surf Winner’s Choice Lottery

The most recent Surf Life Saving Winner’s Choice Lottery draw was draw 418. The prize was an incredible $118,717 Isuzu D-MAX & Black Series Caravan package! The draw closed on 31 August 2021, and was drawn on 7 September 2021. The major prize winner was ticket number 53381 from Kangaroo Flat, VIC.

Surf Winner's Choice Lottery prize for draw 418


How Your Support Helps Surf Life Saving

The Surf Life Saving Foundation makes it possible for swimmers to enter waters in a safe environment. They have been supporting Australian swimmers for over 100 years and your donations help make this possible. They play a crucial role in the success and fun of Australian summers and it’s important that support is continued.

Your ticket purchase also goes towards keeping our much loved Australian beaches safe. The Surf Lotteries Winner’s Choice draw contributes to essential first aid and life-saving equipment. It also helps train lifeguards and the wider community on beach safety.

Not only will you be supporting an incredible cause, but you’re giving yourself the chance to win a dream prize!

To show your support, make sure to get your Surf Life Saving Winner’s Choice tickets now and have your chance to win.

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