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Surf Life Saving Lotteries Prize Home Winners

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There’s nothing quite like a ‘feel good’ story, and Surf Life Saving Lotteries has plenty of them! Below we’ve shared three of their most recent prize home winners – including their reactions and how the prize homes have changed their lives.

Draw 179

Back in February, Gabriele won first prize in Lottery 179 – a stunning home on the Sunshine Coast, plus $50,000 Gold Bullion, a total value of $1,051,399.

Stepping through the front door of her new waterfront home, Gabriele could barely fight back the tears. The mother of three had always dreamed of owning the perfect home for herself and her children, but the win still came as a complete shock.

When I got the phone call from Surf Life Saving Lotteries I didn’t believe it. I was just speechless. I thought no, this couldn’t happen to me!

Having forgotten about the ticket, Gabriele bought a $50 book of 70 tickets on the last day of the draw.  And the news of the win couldn’t have come at a better time for her, having been on the phone to her partner only an hour before worrying about her future and retirement.

“For the first time in my life I’ve woken up and not thought, ‘I’ve got this bill to pay or that bill to pay, what am I going to do?’ It’s definitely changed my life!”

Gabriele finished by saying “If someone was thinking about buying a ticket I’d encourage them to do it. It’s such a worthy cause. And you may not win this time or the next time, but there could be another time down the track where you do win.”

Draw 180

For former seaman, Mr H, retirement is starting to look a whole lot brighter. He couldn’t believe his luck when Surf Life Saving Lotteries called him with the news that he’d won the luxury prize home on Bribie Island, Queensland.

Winning first prize in Lottery 180 in April, Mr H became the proud new owner of a stunning single-storey home in Pacific Harbour, Bribie Island. And as he purchased a $50 book of 70 tickets, he also took home the bonus prize of $50,000 cashable gold bullion, bringing his total prize pool to $1,051,399!

I never expected to win anything. I feel so lucky.

The pensioner couldn’t believe the size of the prize: “It’s a huge house, it’s like a castle,” he said as he first entered the prize home, which included a furniture and design package worth $131,399 and views over the golf course.

Struggling to come to terms with the prize, Mr H said the win has given him an incredible sense of relief, and went on to say that he would likely sell the house and invest the money.

Either way, I now know I have a secure future ahead of me and I can enjoy the rest of my life.

Draw 181

In June, Ms L was the winner of lottery 181. The prize included a stunning penthouse-style apartment on the Gold Coast, $200,000 gold bullion, and a bonus $60,000 luxury car. A total prize value of $1,064,900.

She was at work when she received the call from Surf Life Saving Lotteries on June 23, and says it is a day she will never forget.

“I was at work when I received the call. I remember hearing the words… ‘Congratulations, you’ve won a million dollar prize!’ I was shocked, I was just so excited!”

Ms L had been working two jobs to try and provide for her children. She explained she had some hard times in the past but always just kept going.

I feel so blessed! Words can’t explain how I feel, I’m just so thankful… it’s an incredible relief, I feel like I can breathe. It was such a great feeling to be able to pay out my debts! I feel free now.

When asked to describe what the win meant to Ms L, she said: “It’s such a good feeling to be able to help your children out as well. I’ve been able to buy my son a new car and help my daughter with extra tutoring at school. We’re also planning a holiday to stay at our new Gold Coast home! We’re really looking forward to taking a little break.”

Ms L then went on to explain that her good fortune came somewhat as a twist of fate.

“I feel like someone is watching over me… I went to see a fortune teller a few months before the draw. She said, ‘you will be really successful, there is money coming your way. All the good things you have done in the past will come back to you.’

“I’ve bought lottery tickets years ago but I had stopped playing. I thought I’d buy a ticket with Surf Lotteries and just have a go… I can’t believe I actually won! I’m still so excited.”

Ms L said the most exciting part about winning is not just owning her own property, but owning a property on the Gold Coast, and she plans to keep the prize home as a holiday house.

“I’d love to entertain the thought of living in the apartment one day! My family would have the best lifestyle there… So you never know.”

She also plans to give back to charity “I’ll certainly continue to support Surf Life Saving and the work they do. I truly believe good things happen to good people, more so than ever now.”

To support Surf Life Saving, purchase a ticket in the Surf Life Saving Lotteries Prize Home draw today.