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Support Surf Life Saving Australia and Win a Luxury...

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Going for a surf or a quick dip at the beach, passing by a yellow-red donation box, you think, why should I support Surf Life Saving Australia? What is your and your family safety worth? The beach in our culture is as Aussie as a beef pie or a snag on the barbie! But we never stop and think what it takes to keep us safe when we enjoy sun, surf and sand.

A Bit of Australian Beach History

The sea and the sand may be mentioned in our national anthem, but Aussies have not always freely enjoyed the beach. Due to concerns about public decency, it was illegal to swim during daylight hours in Australia in 1800’s. However, in 1902, public opinion had swayed and several protests took place at local Sydney beaches.

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Soon after, the people were permitted to swim and surf to their hearts’ content – as long as they were modestly dressed. The surf, however, came with dangers, namely strong currents and rips which caused a number of drownings. Volunteers began beach patrols to keep bathers safe. From these early beginnings, the first Surf Lifesaving club was formed in Bondi Beach.

By 1907, the Surf Bathing Association of New South Wales was formed with nine clubs at Sydney beaches. The group’s name was changed to Surf Life Saving Association of Australia in 1922. The final change to the current name of Surf Life Saving Australia happened in 1991.

Support Surf Life Saving Australia.

Over the years, more than 685,000 people have been rescued by a surf lifesavers.

Aussie Beach Statistics Today

Our vast Australian coastline stretches 50,000km and is made up of almost 12,000 beaches that attracted some 14.1 million visitors last year alone. On average, those beachgoers visited the coast 3.1 times each month, equating to over 500 million individual visitations.

More than 10,000 people are rescued on average each year. Additionally, more than 7,500 are pulled from the water and almost 70,000 beachgoers were provided with first aid treatment. Further, surf lifesavers and Australian Lifeguard Services (ALS) lifeguards performed more than 1.6 million preventative actions. These extraordinary figures highlight the incredible strain placed on Surf Life Saving services. Despite their best efforts, each year over 100 families grieve for a loved one who never returned home from the beach.

Support Surf Life Saving Australia.

Every year volunteer surf lifesavers donate an average of 1.4 million hours of their time…

And they spend that time helping to save people from the longest few seconds of their lives.

Support Surf Life Saving Australia

Surf Life Saving Australia is one of the largest volunteer groups in Australia. The majority of its services are delivered by the volunteer surf lifesavers. As a non-for-profit organisation, Surf Life Saving Australia relies on community donations, fundraising, and corporate sponsorship.

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Donations go towards four essential areas – rescue equipment and gear, training, first aid supplies, and surf safety community education programs. From as little as a dollar you can help the Surf Life Saving Australia support volunteer surf lifesavers.

Surf Life Saving Lotteries – Support & Win!

One of the ways that the Surf Life Saving Australia raises much need funds is through the sale of lottery tickets. Charity lotteries have an esteemed place in Australian culture as they contribute to community development, safety, education, and enrichment. The great thing about Surf Life Saving Lotteries is that your generosity can be rewarded with a brand new luxury prize home.

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There are at least 6 lottery draws per year, and there’s always a million-dollar prize up for grabs. Check out the latest lottery and see what luxury million-dollar prize home you could win!

There’s plenty more reason to enter the Surf Life Saving Prize Home Lottery with loads of bonus prizes including thousands of dollars’ worth of cashable gold bullion. And even if your ticket isn’t selected as one of the winners, you know that you’ve contributed to the great Aussie institution that keeps our beaches safe. Next time you swim between the red and yellow flags, remember that the lifeguards who are watching over you are there because of the generosity of ordinary Australians like you.

C’mon, support Surf Life Saving Australia and keep the flags in the sand and binoculars in hand!