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Support Deaf Community and make Christmas brighter!

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It’s fair to say that for most of us, 2020 has been a year like no other. For everyone at Deaf Services and the Deaf Society, this has certainly been true. Like many others, they’ve had to adapt to new ways of living, working and being together.

Thank You for Your Support!

As we move towards Christmas, it’s great to look back on the good news story. It’s all about the way you, The Deaf Lottery Austalia ticket buyers, supported Australia’s Deaf community. You’ve helped them stay empowered, connected and safe.

Unfortunately, there is one in six Aussies living with hearing loss. The help of The Deaf Lottery Austalia players makes a huge difference.

With your support, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society have been able to build, adapt and expand their range of vital services. And because of this, the Deaf community will be experiencing a brighter Christmas.

Thank you for your support of Deaf Community this Christmas

How Your Support Helped?

This Christmas,

  • More than 3700 students took Auslan classes through Deaf Services’ new online training. As a result, these students will be able to communicate with Deaf friends and family over the dinner table. Moreover, they will inspire many more to do the same.
  • NDIS participants with complex disabilities can celebrate a good end of a year. Their support has continued unabated, and their skills and confidence will continue to grow.
  • Aged Deaf care clients continue to experience emotional and physical wellbeing despite the year of uncertainty in senior care. All thanks to Deaf Services’ professional and compassionate Ageing Well program.
  • Hundreds of Deaf and hard of hearing children and families can celebrate together. This year Hear for Kids team extended support options to include telehealth and in-home programs. This ensured stability during a challenging year for many younger people.
  • The Deaf community will continue to benefit from advice and translation services. These are now delivered through online platforms developed during the year.

Thank you for your support of Deaf Community this Christmas

This year has definitely challenged us mentally, physically and emotionally. But The Deaf Lottery Australia supporters have made a world of difference to the Deaf community. We hope the end of 2020 is a safe, happy and positive time for you and your family. Keep following that bright star into the New Year!

How Deaf Services Support Deaf Community?

Deaf Services provides life-changing programs to many vulnerable community members. They extend their vital services to Deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing and people with disabilities. Their services are available to Australians of all ages. Their focus is on empowering and providing support to the Deaf community to live full and independent lives.

Support Deaf Services - Auslan (Australian Sign Language) courses

The best example of Deaf Services in action is the presence of Auslan interpreters at every Queensland Emergency Broadcast. Deaf Services offers many programs, including:

  • Providing early intervention and therapy for Deaf and hard of hearing infants and children.
  • Improving the quality of life and well-being of Deaf and hard of hearing seniors.
  • Support for Deaf and hard of hearing Australians transiting to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  • Delivering nationally accredited Auslan (Australian Sign Language) courses.

How Can I Support Deaf Community?

The Deaf Lottery Australia helps raise funds for Deaf Services. Every ticket purchased in The Deaf Lottery Australia supports Deaf Services’ programs. Most importantly, lottery supporters have the chance to win a choice of an $800,000 prize. Choose a luxury home or a dream car. Grab a motorhome package or design your own lifestyle with cash and gold bullion. You decide how you spend your $800,000! Above all, proceeds from your ticket go towards supporting Deaf Services’ essential work.

The Deaf Lottery Australia draw 189 prizes

Give a Gift of Hearing

Support Deaf Services and the Deaf Society. Buy a ticket in The Deaf Lottery Australia for your chance to win an $800,000 1st prize. C’mon, help fund this awesome work!

Sunday, 14 May 2023

Sunday, 14 May 2023

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