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10 Philanthropic Lotto Winners

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1. In January 2014, a French lotto player won 72,000,000€ in the Euro Millions lottery. His win was the seventh largest in Euro Millions history. He donated approximately 50,000,000€ to charity, one of the largest donations ever made by a lottery winner. The single, childless man “believes strongly in generosity” and it is reported that a dozen charitable organisations benefited from his extraordinary gift.

2. In May 2013, Tom Crist won $40 million in a Canadian lottery with a recurring subscription ticket. While the win didn’t break any jackpot records, the winner made the remarkable decision to donate every single dollar to charity. The prize money was placed in trust to be distributed amongst various charities of his children’s choice. Crist maintained that he had “been fortunate enough” and wished to honor his late wife, who passed away after a cancer battle.

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3. In February 2014, a homeless man in Hungary won Ht630 million  after spending his last remaining coins on a lottery ticket. The chance decision made him one of Hungary’s biggest lottery winners. His first act was to repay his family’s debts and provide for his children, but his biggest donation went to a hostel for the homeless. The winner now plans to use his winnings to establish a foundation for addicts and abused women.

4. In July 2010, a Canadian couple won over $11 million in a Lotto 649 draw. They made the decision to give away 98% of their winnings because they “did not need more” than they had and were “happy with the way their life was going”. The couple donated to churches, fire departments, hospitals, cemeteries and the Red Cross after providing for their family first.

5. An 84-year-old American Powerball winner from Florida donated $2 million of her $590.5 million win to fix a High School roof in her former hometown of East Millinocket, Maine. Her daughter is currently a biology teacher at the school. Built in 1957, the school board confirmed the school was on the track of being closed, and the donation would allow the school to continue to remain open.

Learning Disabilities

6. Jane Surtees, British mother of 5 children, decided to spend some of her £7.5 million winnings helping orphaned children in Ethiopia. Kidane Mehret Children’s Home, set in the capital city of Addis Abaha cares for 120 orphans and relies entirely on donations to feed the children three small meals a day. Jane said she was struck by how content the children aged between 3 days and 17 years were, despite their fragile circumstances. In addition to her support of the Ethiopia orphanage, Jane spends time volunteering at local Yorkshire charities.

7. Sharon & Nigel Mather from the Manchester region of England won £12,408,000 in June 2010. After resigning from their job, paying off family member mortgages and investing in 3 racehorses the couple decided to support a number of charities. They confirmed “sharing the win has been the best experience”. They have taken upon an active interest in Francis House Hospice in Didsbury and Nigel became a trustee at Stockdales, which supports children and young adults with learning disabilities. They are not just helping the charity financially, now that they are retired Nigel volunteers his time assisting Stockdale recipients.

8. In 2005 a German man from Dortmund created a charitable foundation with his entire 9,000,000€ prize. Asked why he chose to give away his entire lotto win, the man confirmed he was in no need of such wealth and wanted to use ‘his good luck for a worthy purpose’.

9. £26 million British lotto winner Margaret Loughrey went from unemployment to sudden wealth after buying a lotto ticket from her £58 a week benefits. Instead of splurging on the win, Margaret said after spending half her adult life unemployed and the other half on minimum wage she only knew too well how hard things can be for other struggling. She then decided only to keep a fraction of the win to herself and immediately distributed €13 million to charity and good causes.

10. Minnesota winners Joe and Rhonda Meath won $11.7 million in the local lotto draw. Rhonda was a waitress and confirmed the couple planned to continue their humble existence. “We’re easy going. Laid-back. We like our family. We love dogs. We are just going to do what we do.” With no plans to leave her small town waitressing job the couple first set money aside for the next two generations then donated a chunk of their winnings to the St. Paul Policy K-9 foundation, plus funded a German shepherd in her father’s name. It wasn’t only charity that benefited from their win. The 18-year-old store assistant who sold them their winning lotto ticket received $15,000 from the couple to contribute towards her university fees.

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