Meet Our Latest Oz Lotteries Set for Life Winner

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November came with an exciting surprise for our latest Oz Lotteries Set for Life winner when her ticket landed her a Set for Life Division 2 prize! She caught up with our team to share her story and how she plans to use the winnings.

A woman from Sydney is the latest Oz Lotteries player to win with Set for Life. Her 2 game ticket matched 6 of the 7 winning numbers in draw number 1939 on 26 November 2020. While she just missed out on the major prize of $20K for 20 years, she still takes home an incredible prize. The Division 2 prize is $5,000 each month for a year.

The perfect surprise

When our team caught up with the woman, she was overjoyed. The winner had discovered the results when she checked her emails, recalling that she just kept looking at the Set for Life ticket.

“I was so excited in the morning, I was praying it was true!”

The Division 2 winner mentioned that after checking the results, she was quick to tell her friend. She went on to explain that she was, “kneeling down and walking around my workplace excited”. The lucky winner was overwhelmed by the news, sharing that she had been crying with happiness again and again.

Having come to Australia in 2010, the Sydney woman first played lotteries after a friend suggested it for fun. She has only ever won $200 or so before, but enjoys playing online for the ease and convenience.

When our team asked if she had any plans for the winnings, the kind woman explained that it had come at a perfect time.

“I am supporting my brother who passed away back in my hometown. I’m building my brother’s children a 3 bedroom house back in my hometown. I believe in helping people.”

She went on to say that she has been worried about what to do for Christmas, having just bought a home. Luckily, Set for Life will ease that stress with a guaranteed payment each month.

“I can’t believe it. God is very great to me!”

Congratulations to the Oz Lotteries Set for Life winner!

If you would like the chance to win and be Set for Life, make sure to get your ticket at Oz Lotteries today.

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