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Lucky Act for Kids Winner has Second Win!

Afk 85 Winner

One lucky aged care worker from Queensland received the exciting call from Dr. Neil Carrington, Act for Kids CEO, to find out he’d won draw 85! The Act for Kids winner drove home in his brand new Mercedes-Benz worth over $100,000, as well as $10,000 in Platinum Bullion!

“To be honest, part of me didn’t believe it,” he claimed. “I actually Googled the name of the representative from Act for Kids as it seemed too good to be true.”

As hard as it is to believe, this lucky Act for Kids winner has won before! He also took home $10,000 in Gold Bullion back in Draw 34. He has continued to support Act for Kids, mentioning their work is “beyond fantastic… especially given the challenges many are facing as a result of COVID-19″.

He was beyond grateful, saying, “Thank you Act for Kids… for the prizes, but mostly for the good you achieve every day in those children’s lives.”

Having won twice before, the lucky Act for Kids winner is going for yet another win, purchasing tickets in upcoming draws!

Congratulations to the incredibly lucky winner, well done!

Be the Next Lucky Act for Kids Winner

If you can picture yourself driving home in your dream car, you can purchase a ticket in the new Act for Kids lottery! Not only are you giving yourself a chance to win, but you’re supporting abused and neglected children.

Each Act for Kids draw gives you the chance to win your dream car, and sometimes you can even choose! The prizes are typically valued around $100,000. The best thing about Act for Kids is the tickets are limited, giving you a great chance of winning! If you want to read more about the Act for Kids lottery and the current prize, you can check it out here.

Best of luck!