Two Powerball Winners Dreams Come True!

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A family man from Melbourne and a hardworking father from Sydney are stunned at the news they are the two Powerball winners to share the first-ever $100 million Powerball jackpot!

One young Melbourne man in his 20s, a customer of Oz Lotteries, is one of the two division one winners from the $100 million Powerball draw.

His QuickPick entry bought on Oz Lotteries one of the two division one winning entries nationally in Powerball draw 1161 on Thursday 16 August 2018. Each winner is now a cool $50 million richer!

Our Oz Lotteries Powerball winner spoke to our customer support team to confirm his life-changing prize. The young winner said he knew he had become a multi-millionaire when he checked his ticket last night before bed.

“I’m trying to remain as calm as possible! I only bought this entry last night on the Oz Lotteries app before the draw closed.”

“I’m going to do the right thing. This win is life changing! I’m going to look after my whole family – invest money in property and shares. It will make a massive difference to a lot of people.”

The second winner, a father from Sydney in Riverwood has just come forward to claim his prize. He bought his ticket from the local newsagent in Western Sydney but forgot to check the ticket in his wallet for two days before realising the winner was from his suburb.

The winner spoke to officials and couldn’t believe his luck.

“Oh yeah mate, I’m in a bit of shock, to be honest!” he laughed.

“It’s just been in my wallet the whole time. I’m guarding this ticket with my life. I didn’t scream at the news. I won’t scream until I have it all in my hand!”

The hardworking father is looking to use his winnings to retire early and establish a good life for his family for the future.

As an Oz Lotteries customer, your ticket will be secured in your account. You won’t have to worry about losing your ticket or checking your results – we take care of that and send results straight to your emails.

To get your Powerball tickets online with Oz Lotteries, head to our website.

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