12 April 2019, By Brodie Capel

Deaf Lottery Australia Draw 178 Not To Be Missed!

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The Deaf Lottery Australia draw 178 is giving you the chance to win your choice of four 1st prize options valued at $700,000! You can build a home. Or buy your dream car. Set up your life financially. Or travel in your new motorhome. The choice is yours! Plus, you could win an additional 114 prizes. Above all, funds from the ticket sales go towards helping many Australians who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The Deaf Lottery Australia’s $700,000 1st Prize Options:

Option 1: Mortgage Buster Lifestyle

Celebrate financial freedom and your dream car! Choose your dream car. Then, enjoy the remainder of your winnings in gold bullion (maximum $650,000) and cash ($20,000) to spend however you want!

Option 1 - the Deaf Lottery Australia 178

Option 2: Investment or Lifestyle

Build your dream home on your own land or a new lot! It’s all included in one of the fantastic packages offered by Metricon and its partners. Then you can enjoy the remainder of your winnings in gold bullion (maximum $600,000) and cash (maximum $20,000) to spend on whatever you like.

Option 2 - The Deaf Lottery

Option 3: Getaway Lifestyle

Pick your dream getaway including a motorhome or caravan and a 4wd of your choice! Then take the remainder of your winnings in gold bullion (maximum $600,000) and cash (maximum $20,000) to indulge your new travelling lifestyle.

Option 3 - The Deaf Lottery

Option 4: Design Your Own Lifestyle

Design your own 1st prize from any combination of vehicles, marine craft, travel vouchers, gold bullion (maximum $600,000) and cash (maximum $20,000), the choice is yours!

2nd prize is $5,000 cash. 3rd prize is $3,000 cash. 4th-5th prizes are $2,000 cash each. 6th-10th prizes are $1,000 cash each. 11th-110th prizes are $200 cash each.

Option 4 - The Deaf Lottery

Draw 177 Winner Wins Big!

After being drawn it took a few missed calls and a bad phone line to finally get in touch with the winner of draw 177 who was currently working overseas. They returned from dinner to see a missed call from Deaf Services. Even more, she was shocked to find out she had won not only the $700,000 first prize but an additional $15,000 book buyers prize!

The winner said: “Oh my goodness, that’s nuts”. She explained that while they had been a supporter of The Deaf Lottery for two years, they never expected to receive a winning phone call.

If you want to be like this winner and have the chance of winning this life-changing prize, make sure you get your tickets in current Deaf Lottery Australia draw 178!

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