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Create an adventure with the Endeavour Foundation!

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The Endeavour Foundation Ultimate Life Changer draw 829 is now closed. You can get tickets in the new draw here.

The new Endeavour Foundation Ultimate Life Changer draw 829 is now open! You have the chance to win $500,000 to create your own adventure, take the reins!

This incredible prize enables you to choose one of three adventurous options. The great thing about this draw is that you can choose which prize works best for you and your life. Learn more about each prize below.

Option 1:

The first option is a big one, so listen up! This prize is perfect for you if you love the ocean. It includes:

  • Ford Raptor 2.0L BI 10SPD Auto
  • Four Winns HD 200 OB RS Boat
  • 2 x iAqua Water Sports Stingray Eon Underwater Sea-Jets
  • $227,447 in gold bullion

This prize takes you to a new level in the water and on the road. Get the whole family involved and spend your weekends exploring.

Ocean and road prize option

Option 2:

If you’re more into living a luxurious life rather than the outdoors, stay tuned. Prize option 2 includes:

  • Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe PDK, AND
  • Porsche Cayenne S

Not only this, but you also receive $27,477 in gold bullion. What a prize! Enjoy a sporty car with classic design, as well as a bigger car perfect for the family (and is a little fun for you too…). These cars combine power, sophistication and luxury all in one. This is not one to miss.

endeavour foundation ultimate life changer prize 2

Porsche Cayenne S Interior

Porsche 911 Exterior

Option 3:

If you can’t decide what works for you, option 3 is $500,000 in cashable gold bullion. Take the adventure of your dreams with this prize.

The Endeavour Foundation Ultimate Life Changer draw 829 has something for everyone. If you’d like to support the Endeavour Foundation, you can purchase a ticket on the Oz Lotteries website or mobile app.

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