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Act for Kids Winners Can’t Believe Their Luck

Act for Kids Winner 1

Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery is an exciting lottery that not only supports a good cause, but also gives supporters the chance to win cars and gold! Two recent Act for Kids winners shared how they discovered they were first prize winners.

Double the luck

The first prize winner of draw 85 was an aged care worker from the Gold Coast. The news came when the Act for Kids CEO, Dr. Neil Carrington, called to let him know he was the owner of the lucky winning ticket. The Queenslander won a Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4MATIC SUV and on-road costs, valued at up to $146,654.46. 

The shocked winner shared that this was not the first time he had won with the Act for Kids lottery. He won $10,000 in gold bullion in draw 34. Initially doubting whether the call was a scam, he searched for the name of the representative. After a few excited moments, he described the news as, “beyond fantastic… especially given the challenges many are facing as a result of COVID-19.” 

The man has been supporting Act for Kids and buying tickets in their lottery for over a decade. He explained that while the amazing prizes were a thrill, it was the opportunity to support Act for Kids that motivated his continued support. 

“Thank you Act for Kids… for the prizes, but mostly for the good you achieve every day in those children’s lives.” 

First-time winner

The draw 84 Act for Kids lottery winner was Dennis, from Victoria. The man was home with his partner, cooking dinner like any other weeknight. However, their night was made instantly more exciting following a phone call from the Act for Kids CEO. 

Dennis was skeptical at first, thinking it was a joke or scam. He even proclaimed him and his partner as the “most unlucky people in the world”. It took a second call the next day for him to accept the win was real! 

The lucky first prize winner won the choice between a brand-new Mercedes-Benz C300 Sedan OR C200 Coupe. The first prize was valued at up to $142,997.70 and included all on-road costs. Plus, the lucky winner takes home $10,000 in gold bullion! The win comes at the perfect time, with Dennis and his partner having some financial troubles after building a new home.

“This will give us heaps more possibilities for us wishes after all the stress we have been through.” 

Incredibly, this win is the first time Dennis has entered in the Act for Kids lottery. He heard about the cause at his local shopping centre and purchased a $100 book. The multi-ticket purchase means he had better odds of winning at a 1 in 3,666 chance of win.

Congratulations to the lucky Act for Kids winners!

For your chance to win a brand-new Mercedes-Benz and more, make sure you get your ticket in the next Act for Kids lottery.