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Act For Kids Winner Takes Home Mercedes-Benz

Draw62 Winners

It took three days before Mrs H from South Australia listened to the message on her phone from Dr Katrina Lines, acting CEO of Act for Kids. Dr Lines had left a message to say that Mrs H was the Act for Kids winner for the Platinum Class Lottery Draw 62. Also, she was now the proud owner of a luxurious brand new Mercedes-Benz!

“I finally listened to the message that I received on Friday late Sunday night. I then debated whether it was too late to return the call. Finally after some pushing from my husband, I called her back. It was after 9pm.” Mrs H said.

“I was so happy to give Mrs H the great news. Not only did I get to tell her about the car but also that she had won $25,000 in platinum bullion. I don’t know who was more excited, Mrs H or her husband! I could hear him in the background.” Dr Lines said.

Once the call had finished, Mrs H and her husband jumped online to look at the car.

“The car was amazing.” Mr P said. “A few days later we visited our local Mercedes-Benz dealership to see the car in the yard. That’s when we decided we would personally pick the car up from Brisbane. Then take our time to drive back to South Australia.”

Dr Neil Carrington, CEO for Act for Kids, had the honour of unveiling the metallic silver E200 Saloon at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane in Fortitude Valley, and handing the keys to the lucky winners on Friday 9 September.

The E200 valued at over $100,000 was brand new to the Australian market only arriving in Australia a month earlier. Mrs H and Mr P were also rewarded the largest multi-buyer prize of $25,000, in platinum or a holiday, for buying seven tickets. Their total prize package won was over $130,000.

Mrs H and Mr P are long-time supporters of Act for Kids. Coincidentally Lottery Draw 63 marked their tenth year of supporting abused and neglected kids. Despite the recent win, Mrs H is continuing to support Act for Kids. “It is such a good cause, and this is my way of supporting kids who need help.”

The new Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery draw is open now! Don’t miss your chance to win a luxury car and make a difference to abused and neglected kids.