06 November 2015, By Mandy Paterson

$70 Million Powerball This Thursday

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The biggest jackpot of 2015 is here!

After six straight weeks of jackpots, Powerball hits a massive $70 million this Thursday. Time to start imagining what your $70 million life looks like!

Dream house?

dream house lotto winner

Trip of a lifetime?

dream holiday lotto winner

New car?

new car lotto winner

Whatever your motivation for playing lotto, you definitely don’t want to miss $70 million Powerball this Thursday!

Lottery officials are speculating whether the record for the largest single Powerball win will be broken this Thursday. The current record of $58.7 million was won by a Melbourne lotto player in 2008, while the largest single win in any game happened in 2013 when a Gold Coast lotto player won $70 million in Oz Lotto.

The last $70 million Powerball jackpot in August 2014 was shared between 2 winners from Queensland and New South Wales. Each winner took home a Division 1 share worth $35,904,620.67. The New South Wales prize was shared by a group of 15 syndicate members who still walked away with $2.4 million each – nothing to sniff at!

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