$50 Million Powerball

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A huge $50 Million Powerball jackpot has landed for this Thursday 15th April 2021. How would your life change if you won this mind-blowing $50 million? There is so much you could do – pay off the mortgage, buy a holiday house (or two!), start that dream business you always wanted, retire early and enjoy a travelling lifestyle for a while… It’s all possible with financial freedom and $50,000,000 in your bank account.

But while you’re dreaming, don’t forget that you’ve got to be in it to win it! To help you navigate your way to understanding the Powerball lottery and buying your ticket, we’ve put together a quick guide. Here’s all you need to know about how to play, ticket types, draw times, numbers, tips and tricks for Powerball.

What is Powerball?

Powerball is an Australian lottery – not to be confused with American Powerball. It is an extremely popular game due to its large jackpots, yet not as extravagant as its American counterpart. The minimum guaranteed Division 1 prize pool is $3 Million. The largest Powerball jackpot in the history of the game in Australia was a massive $150 million in September 2019.

What time is Powerball drawn in Australia?

The $50 Million Powerball draw is on this Thursday 15th April 2021. Powerball draws happen every Thursday night – it’s a rolling jackpot lottery, where the jackpot changes every week, depending if it’s won or not the week prior.

Entries for Powerball draws close at 7:25pm AEST on Thursday. Then the draw takes place the same evening at 8:30pm AEST. Check the daylight savings and time difference in your home state.

What is the best Powerball ticket to buy?

There are three most popular ticket types for Powerball:

  • Standard – one Powerball game is 7 numbers, from 1 to 35, and 1 Powerball number, from 1 to 20. You can have as many games as you want on a ticket. You can choose a QuickPick, where numbers are automatically generated on your games. Or you can choose your own numbers for each game.
  • Powerhit – this entry guarantees you the winning Powerball number. You just need to choose your 7 main numbers, while the Powerball is automatically played for every possible number.
  • System – you to play more numbers than a standard entry. You can choose from 8 to 20 numbers giving you more chances to win, across multiple prize divisions.
  • Syndicate – is a group of 10 people buying a ticket, where the cost of the ticket is shared equally among the members of the group. This allows to get a larger combination of numbers and increase the chances of winning. If the syndicate wins, the prize money is equally divided among the syndicate members.

Can I Play $50 Million Powerball Syndicates Online?

Oz Lotteries offers several different Powerball syndicates. Shares start at $27.00 and Oz Lotteries organises the remaining shares in the syndicate. If you’d prefer to play with friends, you can set up your own private syndicate and buy shares together using Lotto Party.

How to win Powerball?

To win Division 1 in Powerball you need to match all 7 winning numbers plus the winning Powerball number in a single game. You will need a minimum of 2 winning numbers plus Powerball number to win the lowest Division 9.

The chance of winning a Division 1 prize in Powerball is 1 in 134,490,400. However, the chance of winning any division prize with a single game in Powerball is 1 in 66. These odds improve to 1 in 5 when 12 games are played.

What are Prize Divisions in Powerball?

Powerball has nine prize divisions:

Division 1All 7 main winning numbers and the Powerball1:134,490,400
Division 2All 7 main winning numbers1:7,078,443
Division 3Any 6 main winning numbers and the Powerball1:686,176
Division 4Any 6 main winning numbers1:36,115
Division 5Any 5 main winning numbers and the Powerball1:16,943
Division 6Any 4 main winning numbers and the Powerball1:1,173
Division 7Any 5 main winning numbers1:892
Division 8Any 3 main winning numbers and the Powerball1:188
Division 9Any 2 main winning numbers and the Powerball1:66

Latest $50 Million Powerball Results

The last $50 million Powerball jackpot was on Thursday 18th March 2021, draw 1296. The winning numbers were: 18, 30, 16, 29, 6, 33, 35 and Powerball number 4. There was one lucky Division 1 prize winner, and the jackpot to the following draw reduced to $8 Million.

Who Won $50 Million Powerball?

We had a few lucky online Powerball winners, including those who won $50 million. You can read about these winners below:

Powerball Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot numbers are those frequently drawn in Powerball draws, and Cold numbers are those that are not frequently drawn. You can use these as inspiration for marking on your next ticket:

Hot NumbersCold Numbers

Have you got questions about Powerball?

Looking for more info? Want more tips and tricks? Check out our handy Powerball guide with all you’ll ever need to know about Powerball. You can also contact our customer support team who are available Monday to Saturday to help with any questions you may have.

And don’t forget to get your $50 million Powerball ticket. You gotta be in it to win it!

Best of luck!

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