08 April 2015, By Mandy Paterson

$30 Million Powerball Winner "Feels Blessed"

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A woman from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales was the sole winner of a recent $30,000,000 Powerball mega jackpot – and life as she knows it has changed forever.

“I was in total shock, and still am,” she told Oz Lotteries.

Her winning Super Combo Powerhit System 7, purchased on her mobile from OzLotteries.com, brought her a total of $30,522,908.50 in prize money from multiple divisions. After checking her email inbox to find a message from Oz Lotteries notifying her of the Division 1 win, the woman “screamed” to her husband that they might have won lotto.

“He thought it was spam mail… or a technical glitch… and everyone got a message saying they had won!” However it all became real once she received a confirmation phone call from the customer support team, and she was able to share the amazing news with her husband and mother.

The Powerball winner said she often had good luck, but wondered why she had been so lucky when others had not. “I always seem to win a door prize when I go to an event, but this was no door prize,” she said of her amazing windfall. “I feel blessed.”

$3o Million Powerball winner

The winnings will go toward settling “all things house related” before purchasing a new car for the family. She added that a trip to Europe was definitely on the cards – with $30 million in the bank, you can afford to live a little!

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