09 May 2019, By Melissa Cowan

$20 Million Superdraw Saturday on 11 May!

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Get ready for the $20 Million Superdraw Saturday on this Saturday, 11 May 2019! How could winning a share in $20 million change your life? Would you take yourself on a lavish trip around the world? Purchase the dream home you’ve always wanted? Build a portfolio on the sharemarket? Retire from work forever? Whatever your dream is, you can make that dream a reality with Superdraw. You just need to buy a ticket!

Superdraw Saturday

Superdraw Saturday’s are a supersized version of Saturday Lotto, where players have the chance to win much bigger jackpot prizes than usual. Whilst Saturday Lotto has an estimated Division 1 prize pool of $4 million each week, Superdraw offers players the chance to win a share of $20 million and over! This extremely popular game takes place several times a year and often has multiple millionaires in a single draw. This is because the odds of winning a Division 1 prize in Superdraw are much greater than winning Division 1 in other lottery games! The chance of winning a Division 1 prize in Saturday Lotto is 1 in 8,145,060.

Oz Lotteries Superdraw Winners

When you play with Oz Lotteries you’ll never lose a winning ticket! You can play anywhere at any time and all prizes are paid directly into your Oz Lotteries account. It’s super easy! As well as that, Oz Lotteries has a long list of past lottery winners, not just in Superdraw, but for all major lotto games! Our most recent Superdraw winner, Rhonda, was given the ultimate Mother’s Day present when she claimed Division 1 in the $20 Million Superdraw on 12 May, 2018.

“He kept telling me I had won but I didn’t believe it until the email came through. It’s a tough time of the year for us so this is going to help a lot.”

Would you like to be the next Superdraw Saturday winner? Don’t miss your chance to share in $20 million on Saturday 11 May, 2019! Purchase your ticket from Oz Lotteries now.

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