25 September 2015, By Mandy Paterson

$15 Million Oz Lotto Winners Share Strategies

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Australian lotto players are gearing up for another large jackpot – $15 Million Oz Lotto on the 29th of September. Oz Lotto is arguably Australia’s most popular lotto game with its simple rules and record jackpot of $100 million. We took a look back at previous winners of this jackpot who managed to scoop the lot to find out how they did it!

In February 2014, a woman from the Sunshine Coast was the sole winner of the $15 Million Oz Lotto jackpot. She had been playing the same numbers for the past 12 months but hadn’t realised she was a winner because lottery officials had been unable to contact her. It was only when she checked her 12-game Standard ticket that she found out her life had changed forever.

She explained how she had won a bit of money with her first lotto ticket and decided to keep replaying that ticket – a strategy which didn’t take long to pay off. She said that she was planning for early retirement with her husband.

“I’ve always wanted a holiday home and now I can build one,” she said. “I have adult children and they’re now rich as well!”

In August 2014, a man from Paralowie was the sole winner of the $15 Million Oz Lotto jackpot. The owners of the local shop where he purchased his winning 50-game Quickpick said he appeared to be “in shock” when he presented the ticket and received news of his life-changing win.

After the owner confirmed that he was in fact a brand new multi-millionaire, the winner was suddenly reminded of his normal everyday life – he was late to pick up his child from school! The father of one, who worked as a market gardener, rushed off to attend to his parental duties.

The shop owner said that the man was “more deserving” of the win than a lot of people, and that he was “a good customer” who played lotto regularly.

In September 2014, a retired couple from Mawson Lakes were the sole winners of the $15 Million Oz Lotto jackpot. The tech-savvy couple checked their numbers online following the draw and were shocked to find their 50-game Quickpick matched the winning numbers.

“I’m too old for this,” joked one of the winners. “I’m going to need something a bit stronger than a cup of tea to celebrate.” The couple said they were very excited but planned to be sensible with their winnings.

“I think we’ll leave the money in the bank for a while and live off the interest,” said one of the $15 Million Oz Lotto winners.

In June this year, a man from Mentone was the sole winner of the $15 Million Oz Lotto jackpot. He described the moment he realised his life was about to change forever as he watched the televised draw that fateful Tuesday night. “After four numbers had appeared, I knew I was in the money!” he said. “When I realised I’d matched all seven numbers, I could help myself, I yelled out “You beauty!”

His winning 8-game Standard ticket was purchased from a local newsagency in the south-east Melbourne suburb, and kept him up all night following news of the win. “I’m so tired,” he laughed.

The winner said he planned to give half of the prize money to his family and treat himself to a new home and a luxury holiday to Bangkok.

There are many strategies people use to increase their chances of winning lotto, from replaying the same numbers, buying regular entries, and using online technology.

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