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$100 Million Powerball this Thursday 12 September!

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This Thursday, 12 September, will be one of Australia’s biggest jackpots – $100 million Powerball. This is a jackpot you can’t miss!

Our recent winners

Last month there were $10,787,153 in prizes won online via Oz Lotteries website and App.

In July 2019, Australian lotteries hit a new record, with a $110 Million Powerball draw. The jackpot was shared by three winners, with one lucky Oz Lotteries customer taking home over $36.6 million.

The Sydney woman, who chose to remain anonymous, had been entering the lottery for 7 years. When she received a phone call asking how she was feeling, she was stunned.

“Perfect, a little bit surreal and don’t quite believe it yet. Just taking one step at a time, until it’s here it does not feel real. I am excited but just feels unreal at the moment.”

Tomorrow – 9:25 am $8 Million

Powerball - 8 Million

More historic Australian lotto wins

2008 – Prior to the $70 million Powerball record, a Melbourne resident held the record for the single biggest Powerball win for 8 years when they won $58.7 million.

2009 – A player from Adelaide and a couple from the Gold Coast split $106.5 million between them with a win in Oz Lotto Division 1 in June 2009.

2012 – The largest Oz Lotto jackpot ever was $112 million. The draw in November 2012, had 4 winners – families from Queensland, ACT and Victoria, and an 80-member Syndicate.

2015Three Australians got to wake up $20 million richer as they could share the $60 million Oz Lotto jackpot in August 2015.

2017 – A couple from Western Australia were winners of the $50,000,000 Oz Lotto jackpot. Usually only playing Saturday Lotto, the lucky wife was nagging her husband to buy a ticket.

2018$55 million Powerball jackpot saw a win by a Queensland Government work Syndicate. Plus, in August another $100 million Powerball resulted in two Division 1 winners, each taking home a prize of $50 million. One of the two Division 1 winners was an Oz Lotteries customer! They purchased a QuickPick entry via the Oz Lotteries app.

Could you be the next Oz Lotteries $100 million Powerball winner?

Beat the rush

This week’s $100,000,000 Powerball jackpot is a huge opportunity for Australian lotto players. Don’t miss out on your chance to become one of the biggest lotto winners Australia has ever seen. Beat the rush and get your ticket online from Oz Lotteries today.

Powerball draw 1217 entries close at 7:25pm AEST on Thursday 12th September.

Powerball draw 1214 has now closed. However, you can still enter this week’s Powerball– buy your ticket online now!

Powerball - 8 Million

Tomorrow – 9:25 am $8 Million

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