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10 Ways to Support Australian Charities This Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner and this time of year tends to bring out the best in people as they take the time to reflect on the past twelve months and everything they are grateful for – friends, family, loved ones, health. Similarly, it’s also the time of year when people show more kindness and generosity to those less fortunate.

Above all, at Oz Lotteries, we support a number of charities by promoting tickets to enter their charity lottery draws. If you feel like giving to a charity this Christmas (whilst being in with a chance of winning a prize home/car/holiday at the same time) here are 12 ways that your charity ticket purchase through Oz Lotteries supports Australian charities.

Surf Life Savers

1. Ensure a rapid response with inflatable rescue boats
While costing a whopping $18,000 for one, these vital rescue boats are designed specifically for Surf Life Saving. Certainly, it’s an essential piece of rescue equipment to ensure a quick rescue response, mass rescues, and patrolling stretches of beaches.

Surf Life Savers in a rescue boat.

2. Provide oxygen resuscitation kits to save lives
Another expense, each kit costs $1,600 and carries vital equipment such as the oxy-resuscitator, therapy regulator and adult resuscitator with masks.

3. Safety signage
Even more, purchasing one ticket in Surf Winners Choice, can buy safety signage to place on the beach. As a result, lifesavers can alert visitors of hazards, rip currents and other dangerous conditions.

Signage on a beach.

Endeavour Foundation

4. Help people with a disability to gain employment
Endeavour Foundation currently support 2,368 people with a disability in full-time and part-time supported employment in real work environments across Queensland, Victoria and Western Sydney. From their work, people with disabilities are connected to employment based on their skills, abilities, and personal goals.

Person with a disability working on a laptop.

5. Support the ‘At Home With Choices’ program
Give people with a disability the freedom they desire by providing the support necessary to live in their own homes. Purchasing a ticket in the Endeavour Foundation Prize Home Lottery supports the ‘At Home With Choices’ program. Helping to build modern, accessible houses so that people with a disability can have more independence.

6. Support artists with a disability
Entering the Endeavour Ultimate Life Changer Lottery means that the Endeavour Foundation can provide mentoring, training and employment opportunities. Give everyone the chance to live their ultimate life.

Woman helping another woman with a disability.

Mater Foundation

7. Support Mater’s Little Miracles
Help save the lives of thousands of babies. Even more, give them the best possible start to life. Support Mater Foundation to invest in life-saving research, care and equipment.

Premature baby in an incubator.

8. Help advance prostate cancer research
Currently, nine Australian men die from the disease every single day. Most noteworthy, money raised from the Mater Foundation Prize Home Lottery ensures clinicians and researchers at the world-class Mater research institute can continue their great work. Almost tirelessly, they work around the clock to better understand, treat, and ultimately prevent prostate cancer.

Act for Kids

9. Provide ‘Family Intervention Support’
Above all, Act for Kids offers support for parents and family members who may be feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope. With 22 centres from Adelaide to the Cape York Peninsula, Act for Kids has supported thousands of children and their families.

Sad boy looking out of a window.

10. Ensure therapy services are available to every abused and neglected child
All tickets purchased in the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery goes to providing free services. Consequently, this helps to enhance the well-being of kids and young people who have experienced trauma or are at risk of harm.

Support incredible Australian charities and have your chance to win a fantastic prize! Purchase your charity lottery ticket here.