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  • Step 1 In the number panel to the right - Choose 6 numbers from the first range of 1 to 20 by clicking on the number
  • Step 2 Now choose a Powerball number from the second range of 1 to 45.
  • Step 3 Select the next game and repeat steps 1 & 2.
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  • Quick Pick If you would prefer to enter a game as a Quick Pick, simply click the 'Quick Pick' button and the numbers will automatically be filled in. You can do this as many times as you like until you have a combination you're happy with.
  • Change Numbers To change a number(s) simply select the game or individual number you want to change. If it's just one number you want to change you can do it by either re-typing it into the form, or by deselecting it in the number picker and choosing a replacement. If you wish to clear all the numbers of a game simply hit the 'Clear' button.
Drawing:Draw 935 - 17 Apr 2014
Top Prize:AUD$ 3.0 Million
Tickets:4 FREE games!

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